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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Arbor

    Long métrage étonnant et séduisant d'une jeune réalisatrice britannique, Clio Barnard, qui enrichit et transfigure la notion de film documentaire, en intégrant in vivo quelques scènes des pièces de la dramaturge, allant même jusqu'à faire interpréter vocalement par les véritables protagonistes de l'histoire, les répliques censés prononcés par les acteurs du film ayant investis leurs personnages !

  2. Ludovic72's rating of the film The Arbor

    Les dispositifs de reconstitution de documentaire (des acteurs reprennent les textes d'interviews) et de théâtre dans le documentaire (la pièce d'Andrea Dunbar est jouée dans la rue) s'avèrent ingénieux, en plus d'être originaux. Ils créent une distanciation qui écarte le danger du voyeurisme, tout en s'adressant directement au spectateur pour l'impliquer émotionnellement. La tristesse de l'histoire fait le reste...

  3. fecalis's rating of the film The Arbor

    Une histoire vraie qui est tellement mieux représentative qu’une réalité spectacle !

  4. Superfrog's rating of the film The Arbor

    Amusingly shows how Dogville could have worked. Mostly because reality is brought back by the audience looking at the shooting of some of the scenes and because the story is not just real but feels real. Otherwise a really refreshing way of telling a British social story with a second half more documentary than experimental cinema. Documentaries are never better than when the push the envelope of the medium they use.

  5. Clarisse Lemaitre's rating of the film The Arbor

  6. nacopajaz's rating of the film The Arbor

  7. Elephants Gerald's rating of the film The Arbor

    THE ARBOR is one of the more innovative and ingenious tweaks to the documentary medium: Clio Barnard takes audio from interviews, frames actors in expressionist tableaux (beds on fire, play excerpts performed before the play's real-life subjects), and has those actors lip sync to those real peoples' words. More than a gimmick, it brings vivid life to the journalistic tradition.

  8. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film The Arbor

  9. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film The Arbor

    Three point five. Neat mechanisms. Very difficult for me to watch, subject-wise but need to revisit

  10. William R Clark's rating of the film The Arbor

    The only filmed verbatim theater? The artist's surroundings, family, told by people who give us a look as if we ought to know, you know, what has happened here.

  11. hideloveaway's rating of the film The Arbor

    Like a car accident, this was hard to look away from. I really enjoyed it though, seriously, for what it is. Whenever I think my family is messed up, I'm going to think of this film.

  12. JoeBradford's rating of the film The Arbor

    More depressing than entertaining, though a unique dramatization of a series of audio interviews, intertwined with dialog from the subject of the documentary's plays. A unique look into 'white trash' of Bradford, England

  13. corycorycorycory's rating of the film The Arbor

    This was a great surprise. I was unfamiliar with Andrea Dunbar, and Clio Barnard for that matter, before this. What an ingenious way to tell such a rich, tragic story.

  14. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film The Arbor

    Wow. A remarkable filmic conceit provides the backbone for a consistently shattering documentary that, in a narrative hall of mirrors, brings forth addiction, abuse, poverty, racism, hatred, and human entropy.

  15. Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe's rating of the film The Arbor

    Unforgettable storytelling. This hybrid, auto ethnographic, play/documentary is gripping and breaks all the rules of narrative structure and obliterates the four walls of spectatorship. Kitchen sink British theatre brought to your own living room. Call this film it whatever you want, it will have you thinking about creativity, mental illness, sexual oppression, addiction and race in a whole different way.

  16. Ben Cannon's rating of the film The Arbor

    Applying such an inventive format to what could have otherwise been a standard talking-head documentary gives this tale some serious legs. The story is a sadly familiar one, despite its famous central figure, detailing the erosion of community through vice. It is never miserablist fare though; Barnard's assured direction elevates the film to a rather singular piece of art.

  17.'s rating of the film The Arbor

    Wow. This pulled me in and didn't let go.

  18. howard ryan's rating of the film The Arbor

    now, that's an interesting way to tell a story.

  19. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film The Arbor

    Documentary-drama hybrid about the cycle of violence and sickness in poverty and degradation. A unique setup lets for the subject matter to be explored in an original way, and in such a way as that it can show the horrors and tragedies of urban poverty in the U.K. Unlike anything I’d seen before, but not necessarily in a remarkable way. It does the job and delivers on its subject matter.

  20. caitlin.f's rating of the film The Arbor

    i loved the format of this. tragically & morbidly fascinating.

  21. laurax's rating of the film The Arbor

    A multidimensional collage of a sad, sorry tale of terrible choices. Powerful.

  22. muse_x's rating of the film The Arbor

    I was not prepared for how brutal this is. That said, am really grateful such a piece of art exists + the way it was handled. It felt akin to having my nerve ends abraded by the abyss's maw & yet, yet... it's got SO. Much. Love!

  23. Ben Loory's rating of the film The Arbor

  24. Joshua Paolino's rating of the film The Arbor

    Profoundly innovative documentary.

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