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  1. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film The Arbor

  2. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film The Arbor

    Three point five. Neat mechanisms. Very difficult for me to watch, subject-wise but need to revisit

  3. Scienceofphantoms's rating of the film The Arbor

    The only filmed verbatim theater? The artist's surroundings, family, told by people who give us a look as if we ought to know, you know, what has happened here.

  4. hideloveaway's rating of the film The Arbor

    Like a car accident, this was hard to look away from. I really enjoyed it though, seriously, for what it is. Whenever I think my family is messed up, I'm going to think of this film.

  5. JoeBradford's rating of the film The Arbor

    More depressing than entertaining, though a unique dramatization of a series of audio interviews, intertwined with dialog from the subject of the documentary's plays. A unique look into 'white trash' of Bradford, England

  6. corycorycorycory's rating of the film The Arbor

    This was a great surprise. I was unfamiliar with Andrea Dunbar, and Clio Barnard for that matter, before this. What an ingenious way to tell such a rich, tragic story.

  7. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film The Arbor

    Wow. A remarkable filmic conceit provides the backbone for a consistently shattering documentary that, in a narrative hall of mirrors, brings forth addiction, abuse, poverty, racism, hatred, and human entropy.

  8.'s rating of the film The Arbor

    Unforgettable storytelling. This hybrid, auto ethnographic, play/documentary is gripping and breaks all the rules of narrative structure and obliterates the four walls of spectatorship. Kitchen sink British theatre brought to your own living room. Call this film it whatever you want, it will have you thinking about creativity, mental illness, sexual oppression, addiction and race in a whole different way.

  9. Ben Cannon's rating of the film The Arbor

    Applying such an inventive format to what could have otherwise been a standard talking-head documentary gives this tale some serious legs. The story is a sadly familiar one, despite its famous central figure, detailing the erosion of community through vice. It is never miserablist fare though; Barnard's assured direction elevates the film to a rather singular piece of art.

  10.'s rating of the film The Arbor

    Wow. This pulled me in and didn't let go.

  11. howard ryan's rating of the film The Arbor

    now, that's an interesting way to tell a story.

  12. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film The Arbor

    Documentary-drama hybrid about the cycle of violence and sickness in poverty and degradation. A unique setup lets for the subject matter to be explored in an original way, and in such a way as that it can show the horrors and tragedies of urban poverty in the U.K. Unlike anything I’d seen before, but not necessarily in a remarkable way. It does the job and delivers on its subject matter.

  13. caitlin.f's rating of the film The Arbor

    i loved the format of this. tragically & morbidly fascinating.

  14. laurax's rating of the film The Arbor

    A multidimensional collage of a sad, sorry tale of terrible choices. Powerful.

  15. muse_x's rating of the film The Arbor

    I was not prepared for how brutal this is. That said, am really grateful such a piece of art exists + the way it was handled. It felt akin to having my nerve ends abraded by the abyss's maw & yet, yet... it's got SO. Much. Love!

  16. Ben Loory's rating of the film The Arbor

  17. Joshua Paolino's rating of the film The Arbor

    Profoundly innovative documentary.

  18. Morgan Ellerbrake's rating of the film The Arbor

    This was my first MUBI watch... not bad at all. Some elements of the film confused me. The lip synching was so well done that I had a hard time knocking it into my head that some of the voices were actually those of the people the actors were playing. Ultimately, I am impressed. I had never heard of Andrea Dunbar or her story and now have a new slice of cultural insight, which I appreciate. I would recommend.

  19. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film The Arbor

    A strange take on a documentary which reminds me of Close-up. Heartbreaking story and very well done film.

  20. Kevin's rating of the film The Arbor

    Earlier the Samantha Morton film about abandoned children ended with a statement showing the number of children affected by neglect. This doc brings it home, from the incredible cadence of Dunbar's daughters to the abject conditions that come off as natural or normal. It shows a side of England that we might not even think exists but for films like this one. The movie was incredible…

  21. Bronwyn Walls's rating of the film The Arbor

    I have never seen anything like this. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in documentary storytelling. Barnard and her cast and crew make this story important by the way that they tell it. The perspectives offered are enlightening to say the least.

  22. Emily's rating of the film The Arbor

    Devastating. In addition to reflecting the format of 'A State Affair', using actors instead of a straight documentary created enough distance between the characters and the viewer so as to not feel emotionally exploitative.

  23. Beardos's rating of the film The Arbor

    A very enjoyable and uniquely told. Very much worth a watch!!

  24. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Arbor

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