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  1. Photo of Timur Bekmambetov

    Timur Bekmambetov Director

  2. Photo of John William Corrington

    John William Corrington Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karen McDougal

    Karen McDougal Cast

  4. Photo of Lisa Dergan

    Lisa Dergan Cast

  5. Photo of Viktor Verzbitsky

    Viktor Verzbitsky Cast

  6. Photo of Ulugbeck Khamraev

    Ulugbeck Khamraev Cinematography

  7. Photo of Pavel Karmanov

    Pavel Karmanov Music

  8. Photo of Peter Orloff

    Peter Orloff Music

  9. Photo of Max Van Buren

    Max Van Buren Production Design

  10. Photo of Valeri Viktorov

    Valeri Viktorov Production Design

  11. Photo of Sergey Livnev

    Sergey Livnev Producer

  12. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Daniel Kendrick

    Daniel Kendrick Editing

  14. Photo of Dmitriy Kiselev

    Dmitriy Kiselev Editing

  15. Photo of Natalya Kucherenko

    Natalya Kucherenko Editing