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  1. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film The Argentine

    Bella prova. Apprezzabile il tentativo di dare un ritratto imparziale ed umano di un personaggio talmente leggendario ed eroicizzato da rendere difficile una sua analisi precisa. La parte estetica del film è curata, meno la sceneggiatura e la sequenza dei fatti narrati, che ogni tanto si incastra risultando un pò singhiozzante. Un film interessante, nulla di più.

  2. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film The Argentine

    A great film. I don't know how great, though. it is not entertaining but not in a way that's about telling you how serious the film is but rather in a way that is about showing us how things could have played out.

  3. James Mackin's rating of the film The Argentine

    Feels very 60s revolutionary, appropriately. Very good, naturalistic, quite enjoyable.

  4. ceknklsn's rating of the film The Argentine

  5. Mtume Gant's rating of the film The Argentine

    This is a strong effort. The first part felt like Soderbergh had a nice grasp of the material and nice spirit. Things are "missing" but overall he gets it right. Very good. 3.5

  6. muh.'s rating of the film The Argentine

    guevara is still as divisive as ever and regardless of what one may think of his political beliefs or practices he still remains a fascinating figure. very similar to a documentary it follows the liberation of cuba from batista's regime (thankfully avoiding a hand-held camera to make it more "real") and his un talk (opting for nice black and white sequences) combining it into a very solid and interesting movie.

  7. Olivia Hellder's rating of the film The Argentine

    It was hard to tackle a project like this, and for many reasons. There´re probably very few characters as controversial as the present one, mythologized as a hero by some and a terrorist and tyrant 4 another. Faced with a challenge of such dimensions, the position of Soderbergh seems the only possible from a clear commitment to false appearance of ambiguity. Del Toro's work is impressive.

  8. Tigrão's rating of the film The Argentine

    I must give this one another chance, as I found it incredibly booooooring the first time I saw it.

  9. Vincente Oristivar's rating of the film The Argentine

    One off the great hero`s of our times .. brought to life by a genius director .. hopefully more folk will look a bit deeper into how the world really is .. selfless acts .. are truly good

  10. James Caley's rating of the film The Argentine

    This and the first film are shit. Steven Soderbergh is a shit cinematographer. And he is a north american so I don't know why he makes this film.

  11. Jeremy Moss's rating of the film The Argentine

    Structurally, tonally, cinematographically mesmerizing. And as a map enthusiast, this might be my favorite film opening - I was had at the slowly highlighting geographic regions pertaining to the setting, story and revolutionary plight.

  12. ramosbarajas's rating of the film The Argentine

    The black and white sequences, set a few years after the events taking place in the film, serve as a nice way of transitioning through the story. The film itself is very colorful and in a way or other, rather happy. Seeing as things go their way at the end, one can only be reminded of the truth that the current dictatorship in Cuba is all about. It's very well made, making it the stronger of the two films.

  13. Don't Get Nasty Brother's rating of the film The Argentine

    ...por momentos a veces no puede evitar endiosarlo un poco. Eso no quiere decir que el personaje no presente contrastes y contradicciones, que si las hay. Sino que a veces esos aspectos que lo humanizan se notan un poco forzados y llaman la atención. De todas maneras la película (esta primera parte por lo menos) está muy, pero que muy recomendada.

  14. Lobster Johnson's rating of the film The Argentine

    Although I felt it dragged on a little bit in the middle, I loved this movie. del Toro ceased being himself and became Che Guevara. One of my favorite biopics.

  15. Xurxo G Penalta's rating of the film The Argentine

    excellent film. looking forward to the 2nd half.

  16. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Argentine

    Based on Ernesto Guevara's writings, Steven Soderbergh's CHE:PART ONE tells the 1957-1959 long march of the Castrist guerilla in the Cuban countryside. This is a good educational movie for all those who are not specialists of the Cuban revolution. Let's hope that the second part will be more cinematic.

  17. Jeremy Gaunt's rating of the film The Argentine

    Much more documentary style than I was expecting, but still terrific. Very much liked the switching between revolution and United Nations. Glad I saw Motorcyle Diaries first (although not of course linked film-wise), Looking forward to Che Part 2 later this week.