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  1. Photo of Peter R. Smith

    Peter R. Smith Director

  2. Photo of Michael Letchford

    Michael Letchford Cast

  3. Photo of Sergiu Celibidache

    Sergiu Celibidache Cast

  4. Photo of Wilhelm Furtwängler

    Wilhelm Furtwängler Cast

  5. Photo of Erich Kleiber

    Erich Kleiber Cast

  6. Photo of Willem Mengelberg

    Willem Mengelberg Cast

  7. Photo of Yevgeni Mravinsky

    Yevgeni Mravinsky Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Münch

    Charles Münch Cast

  9. Photo of Marcus Klorman

    Marcus Klorman Producer

  10. Photo of Steve Eveleigh

    Steve Eveleigh Editing

  11. Photo of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

    Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Music

  12. Photo of Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra

    Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra Music

  13. Photo of Concertgebouw Orchestra Of Amsterdam

    Concertgebouw Orchestra Of Amsterdam Music

  14. Photo of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

    Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Music

  15. Photo of Boston Symphony Orchestra

    Boston Symphony Orchestra Music

  16. Photo of Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

    Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Music

  17. Photo of Herbert von Karajan

    Herbert von Karajan Cast

  18. Photo of Václav Talich

    Václav Talich Cast

  19. Photo of Hermann Scherchen

    Hermann Scherchen Cast

  20. Photo of André Cluytens

    André Cluytens Cast

  21. Photo of Vic Firth

    Vic Firth Cast

  22. Photo of Yehudi Menuhin

    Yehudi Menuhin Cast

  23. Photo of Otto Edelmann

    Otto Edelmann Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Andry

    Peter Andry Cast

  25. Photo of Bernard Haitink

    Bernard Haitink Cast

  26. Photo of Daniel Barenboim

    Daniel Barenboim Cast

  27. Photo of Walter Barylli

    Walter Barylli Cast

  28. Photo of Alexander Barantschik

    Alexander Barantschik Cast

  29. Photo of Yuri Grigorovich

    Yuri Grigorovich Cast