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  1. Photo of Jonathan Sobol

    Jonathan Sobol Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Jay Baruchel

    Jay Baruchel Cast

  3. Photo of Katheryn Winnick

    Katheryn Winnick Cast

  4. Photo of Kurt Russell

    Kurt Russell Cast

  5. Photo of Matt Dillon

    Matt Dillon Cast

  6. Photo of Terence Stamp

    Terence Stamp Cast

  7. Photo of Devon Bostick

    Devon Bostick Cast

  8. Photo of Chris Diamantopoulos

    Chris Diamantopoulos Cast

  9. Photo of Jason Jones

    Jason Jones Cast

  10. Photo of Joe Pingue

    Joe Pingue Cast

  11. Photo of Kenneth Welsh

    Kenneth Welsh Cast

  12. Photo of Eugene Lipinski

    Eugene Lipinski Cast

  13. Photo of Karyn Dwyer

    Karyn Dwyer Cast

  14. Photo of Elle Downs

    Elle Downs Cast

  15. Photo of Juan Carlos Velis

    Juan Carlos Velis Cast

  16. Photo of Dax Ravina

    Dax Ravina Cast

  17. Photo of Rob deLeeuw

    Rob deLeeuw Cast

  18. Photo of Jon Steinberg

    Jon Steinberg Cast

  19. Photo of K. Trevor Wilson

    K. Trevor Wilson Cast

  20. Photo of Scott McCrickard

    Scott McCrickard Cast

  21. Photo of Michael McNaughton

    Michael McNaughton Cast

  22. Photo of Rob Laugher

    Rob Laugher Cast

  23. Photo of Jeff Sackman

    Jeff Sackman Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Nicholas Tabarrok

    Nicholas Tabarrok Producer

  25. Photo of Grayson Matthews

    Grayson Matthews Music

  26. Photo of Adam Swica

    Adam Swica Cinematography

  27. Photo of Geoff Ashenhurst

    Geoff Ashenhurst Editing

  28. Photo of Matthew Davies

    Matthew Davies Production Design