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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film The Assault

    Récit N/B musclé, glacé, chirurgical. Objectif, subtil, subversif aussi. Série noire-vérité. Suspense puissant & réaliste. ELBAZ ****. 3,5/5

  2. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film The Assault

    The world's worst terrorists. Also: no one smoking? In France? In the 90's? No way.

  3. Superfrog's rating of the film The Assault

    Not very good. I sure hope the assault did not happen like that.

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Assault

    **1/2. Thriller based on a true story. The director doesn't master the psychology of his characters but he manages to create suspense. Not bad but not good either. Already forgotten.

  5. HKFanatic's rating of the film The Assault

    This French hostage thriller based on a true story is stuck somewhere between shakycam docudrama and fist-pumping anti-terrorist action flick - as a result, it will likely please fans of neither. The desaturated cinematography also means there's only two colors in the entire film, blue and gray. Worst of all, the editing plays so fast and loose that it leads to several gaffes and unintentionally hilarious moments.

  6. Andre Rehal's rating of the film The Assault

    The last 30 mins of this move was pretty intense and the build up to that last half hour was well executed.