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  1. Photo of Ziad Doueiri

    Ziad Doueiri Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Joelle Touma

    Joelle Touma Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yasmina Khadra

    Yasmina Khadra Novel

  4. Photo of Ali Suliman

    Ali Suliman Cast

  5. Photo of Evgenia Dodina

    Evgenia Dodina Cast

  6. Photo of Reymond Amsalem

    Reymond Amsalem Cast

  7. Photo of Dvir Benedek

    Dvir Benedek Cast

  8. Photo of Uri Gavriel

    Uri Gavriel Cast

  9. Photo of Ruba Salameh

    Ruba Salameh Cast

  10. Photo of Karim Saleh

    Karim Saleh Cast

  11. Photo of Ramzi Makdessi

    Ramzi Makdessi Cast

  12. Photo of Eli Gorenstein

    Eli Gorenstein Cast

  13. Photo of Vladimir Friedman

    Vladimir Friedman Cast

  14. Photo of Ezra Dagan

    Ezra Dagan Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Warshaviak

    Michael Warshaviak Cast

  16. Photo of Hassan Yassine

    Hassan Yassine Cast

  17. Photo of Ihab Salameh

    Ihab Salameh Cast

  18. Photo of Mohammed Nabulsi

    Mohammed Nabulsi Cast

  19. Photo of Nisrine Seksek

    Nisrine Seksek Cast

  20. Photo of Bassem Lulu

    Bassem Lulu Cast

  21. Photo of Esti Zewko

    Esti Zewko Cast

  22. Photo of Tommaso Fiorilli

    Tommaso Fiorilli Cinematography

  23. Photo of Éric Neveux

    Éric Neveux Music

  24. Photo of Yoel Herzberg

    Yoel Herzberg Production Design

  25. Photo of Jean Bréhat

    Jean Bréhat Producer

  26. Photo of Dominique Marcombe

    Dominique Marcombe Editing