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  1. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film The Aura

    100% Thriller by the author of Nueve Reinas: a criminal project that goes in the wall, a great supporting cast, an endearing & contrasting hero, having both a super ability & a crippling weakness. ==== 100% noir par l'auteur des 9 Reines: un projet criminel qui va dans le mur, des seconds rôles très intéressants, un héros attachant & contrasté, ayant à la fois une force singulière & une faiblesse incapacitante. 4,5/5

  2. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Aura

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film The Aura

    Une œuvre remarquable en tous points : des acteurs étonnants de véracité, un scénario efficace, intelligent et puissant, une réalisation concise et percutante. Un des fleurons d'un certain renouveau du cinéma argentin...

  4. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film The Aura

    3.5 // SPOILERS // SPOILERS // the one heist-goes-wrong that, compared to the ironic ones from the coens, for example, felt stunningly real

  5. noice's rating of the film The Aura

  6.'s rating of the film The Aura

    Our Daily Free Stream: El aura (engl. subt.) Patagonien, eine mythische dunkle Welt. El Aura, der letzte Film des viel zu früh verstorbenen Fabian Bielinsky, lebt vom unheilvollen Wald Patagoniens - wie eine Reise ins Herz der Finsternis. Tiefer und tiefer dringen wir vor, bis uns der Wald umschliesst. Die Zeit vergeht immer langsamer, scheint schliesslich still zu stehen... mehr auf

  7. Bilan's rating of the film The Aura

    between 2 and 3 stars... interesting elements but not always clear why the director used the at certain points and not consequently through the whole film. but worth watching if you have nothing to do better. It's amusing.

  8. Paul's rating of the film The Aura

    Intense ... heavy ... unique. Cannot really compare it to anything I've watched before. A special mix of Into the wild and Oceans 13. It's nice to get an insight into Argentinian filmmaking, though.

  9. etilen's rating of the film The Aura

    there's a moment... a shift... the doctors call it an aura. things suddenly change.

  10. Ahmet UJeschk's rating of the film The Aura

    Dog is the best actor in the film.

  11. Tigrão's rating of the film The Aura

    Ricardo Darin has such a quietly intense presence on screen.

  12. Sthirabandhu's rating of the film The Aura

    some very intelligent film makers in Argentina and the lead actor in this movie is a fine talent. more please

  13. Neil Nigel's rating of the film The Aura

    beautiful cinematography! Recommended.

  14. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Aura

    outstanding, creates a tense, dark atmosphere and never lets go. Proper noir film-making

  15. MichaelDub's rating of the film The Aura

    Quite suspenseful and unique. Though I still don't know what the Aura had to do with the story. Could have made it without.

  16. nickolia's rating of the film The Aura

    what's not to love: a film that cleverly packs both pace and stillness. the scene with the dog running beside the car was perfect.

  17. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film The Aura

  18. boriskarloff's rating of the film The Aura

    Superb film! Well made, great pacing, interesting story, excellent acting. Would have paid ten euro to see this.

  19. SP's rating of the film The Aura

    illogical??? i dt think so my friend. This is one of the finest Director from Argentina at his best. Too bad he died. And btw what possibly can be related to hollywood in this film? the pace? dt think so...

  20. Jeremy Moss's rating of the film The Aura

    The worst is the string of coincidence that make up the film’s story - so there’s this boring guy who supposedly imagines heist scenarios and it turns out that after one coincidental event after the next (like 6 of them) he stumbles upon an actual heist he can enact himself. No. Happenstance after happenstance cannot be believed.

  21. Victoria Reynal's rating of the film The Aura

  22. Ufuk Aksoy's rating of the film The Aura

    There is a bit of everything in it which is something I dont like about scripts. But it is fun to watch.

  23. mpho3's rating of the film The Aura

    Chekhov's gun and the big bad wolf! "The empty space, wonderfully ambient soundtrack, bleached landscapes and Darín's quiet performance help El Aura to live a big life in its many moments of silence. It’s as totally compelling, strangely relaxing and purely believable an experience as the moments of perfection Esteban feels before one of his episodes." -- paraphrase, Projector Magazine.

  24. Kristoffer Dahl's rating of the film The Aura

    Love the transitions when he's travelling at the beginning of the film. Perfect match of image and music.

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