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  1. Photo of Martin Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of John Logan

    John Logan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bob Weinstein

    Bob Weinstein Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Sandy Climan

    Sandy Climan Producer

  6. Photo of Charles Evans Jr.

    Charles Evans Jr. Producer

  7. Photo of Graham King

    Graham King Producer

  8. Photo of Michael Mann

    Michael Mann Producer

  9. Photo of Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson Cinematography

  10. Photo of Howard Shore

    Howard Shore Music

  11. Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio Cast and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett Cast

  13. Photo of Kate Beckinsale

    Kate Beckinsale Cast

  14. Photo of John C. Reilly

    John C. Reilly Cast

  15. Photo of Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin Cast

  16. Photo of Alan Alda

    Alan Alda Cast

  17. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Cast

  18. Photo of Danny Huston

    Danny Huston Cast

  19. Photo of Gwen Stefani

    Gwen Stefani Cast

  20. Photo of Jude Law

    Jude Law Cast

  21. Photo of Adam Scott

    Adam Scott Cast

  22. Photo of Matt Ross

    Matt Ross Cast

  23. Photo of Kelli Garner

    Kelli Garner Cast

  24. Photo of Frances Conroy

    Frances Conroy Cast

  25. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  26. Photo of Brent Spiner

    Brent Spiner Cast

  27. Photo of Stanley DeSantis

    Stanley DeSantis Cast

  28. Photo of Thelma Schoonmaker

    Thelma Schoonmaker Editing

  29. Photo of Kenneth Welsh

    Kenneth Welsh Cast

  30. Photo of Rufus Wainwright

    Rufus Wainwright Cast

  31. Photo of Martha Wainwright

    Martha Wainwright Cast

  32. Photo of Dante Ferretti

    Dante Ferretti Production Design

  33. Photo of Sandy Powell

    Sandy Powell Costume Design