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  1. Photo of Uli Edel

    Uli Edel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stefan Aust

    Stefan Aust Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bernd Eichinger

    Bernd Eichinger Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Martina Gedeck

    Martina Gedeck Cast

  5. Photo of Moritz Bleibtreu

    Moritz Bleibtreu Cast

  6. Photo of Johanna Wokalek

    Johanna Wokalek Cast

  7. Photo of Nadja Uhl

    Nadja Uhl Cast

  8. Photo of Jan Josef Liefers

    Jan Josef Liefers Cast

  9. Photo of Stipe Erceg

    Stipe Erceg Cast

  10. Photo of Niels-Bruno Schmidt

    Niels-Bruno Schmidt Cast

  11. Photo of Vinzenz Kiefer

    Vinzenz Kiefer Cast

  12. Photo of Simon Licht

    Simon Licht Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandra Maria Lara

    Alexandra Maria Lara Cast

  14. Photo of Daniel Lommatzsch

    Daniel Lommatzsch Cast

  15. Photo of Sebastian Blomberg

    Sebastian Blomberg Cast

  16. Photo of Heino Ferch

    Heino Ferch Cast

  17. Photo of Hannah Herzsprung

    Hannah Herzsprung Cast

  18. Photo of Tom Schilling

    Tom Schilling Cast

  19. Photo of Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz Cast

  20. Photo of Hans Werner Meyer

    Hans Werner Meyer Cast

  21. Photo of Hannes Wegener

    Hannes Wegener Cast

  22. Photo of Katharina Wackernagel

    Katharina Wackernagel Cast

  23. Photo of Anna Thalbach

    Anna Thalbach Cast

  24. Photo of Volker Bruch

    Volker Bruch Cast

  25. Photo of Jasmin Tabatabai

    Jasmin Tabatabai Cast

  26. Photo of Thomas Thieme

    Thomas Thieme Cast

  27. Photo of Susanne Bormann

    Susanne Bormann Cast

  28. Photo of Michael Gwisdek

    Michael Gwisdek Cast

  29. Photo of Hubert Mulzer

    Hubert Mulzer Cast

  30. Photo of Carlo Ljubek

    Carlo Ljubek Cast

  31. Photo of Peter Schneider

    Peter Schneider Cast

  32. Photo of Christian Blümel

    Christian Blümel Cast

  33. Photo of Johannes Suhm

    Johannes Suhm Cast

  34. Photo of Rainer Klausmann

    Rainer Klausmann Cinematography

  35. Photo of Peter Hinderthür

    Peter Hinderthür Music

  36. Photo of Florian Tessloff

    Florian Tessloff Music

  37. Photo of Bernd Lepel

    Bernd Lepel Production Design

  38. Photo of Martin Moszkowicz

    Martin Moszkowicz Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Alexander Berner

    Alexander Berner Editing