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  1. Photo of Kate Bartlett

    Kate Bartlett Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael Olmert

    Michael Olmert Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kenneth Branagh

    Kenneth Branagh Self

  4. Photo of Avery Brooks

    Avery Brooks Self

  5. Photo of John Howarth

    John Howarth Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ben Bartlett

    Ben Bartlett Music

  7. Photo of Tim Haines

    Tim Haines Producer

  8. Photo of Mick Kaczorowski

    Mick Kaczorowski Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Andrew Wilks

    Andrew Wilks Editing

  10. Photo of Mike Milne

    Mike Milne Animation

  11. Photo of Sharon Reed

    Sharon Reed Animation

  12. Photo of William Sargent

    William Sargent Animation

  13. Photo of Virgil Manning

    Virgil Manning Animation

  14. Photo of Sophie Lodge

    Sophie Lodge Animation

  15. Photo of Peter Clayton

    Peter Clayton Animation

  16. Photo of Wayne Howe

    Wayne Howe Animation

  17. Photo of Alex Burt

    Alex Burt Animation

  18. Photo of Carlos Rosas

    Carlos Rosas Animation

  19. Photo of Richard Dexter

    Richard Dexter Animation