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  1. Photo of Sidney Franklin

    Sidney Franklin Director

  2. Photo of Ernest Vajda

    Ernest Vajda Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claudine West

    Claudine West Screenplay

  4. Photo of Donald Ogden Stewart

    Donald Ogden Stewart Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rudolph Besier

    Rudolph Besier Screenplay

  6. Photo of Norma Shearer

    Norma Shearer Cast

  7. Photo of Fredric March

    Fredric March Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Laughton

    Charles Laughton Cast

  9. Photo of Maureen O'Sullivan

    Maureen O'Sullivan Cast

  10. Photo of Katharine Alexander

    Katharine Alexander Cast

  11. Photo of Ralph Forbes

    Ralph Forbes Cast

  12. Photo of Marion Clayton Anderson

    Marion Clayton Anderson Cast

  13. Photo of Ian Wolfe

    Ian Wolfe Cast

  14. Photo of Ferdinand Munier

    Ferdinand Munier Cast

  15. Photo of Una O'Connor

    Una O'Connor Cast

  16. Photo of Leo G. Carroll

    Leo G. Carroll Cast

  17. Photo of Vernon Downing

    Vernon Downing Cast

  18. Photo of Neville Clark

    Neville Clark Cast

  19. Photo of Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Carleton

    Robert Carleton Cast

  21. Photo of Allan Conrad

    Allan Conrad Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Hobbes

    Peter Hobbes Cast

  23. Photo of William H. Daniels

    William H. Daniels Cinematography

  24. Photo of Herbert Stothart

    Herbert Stothart Music

  25. Photo of Irving Thalberg

    Irving Thalberg Producer

  26. Photo of Margaret Booth

    Margaret Booth Editing

  27. Photo of Adrian

    Adrian Costume Design