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  1. Photo of Bassam Al-Thawadi

    Bassam Al-Thawadi Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Ali Al Sharqawi

    Ali Al Sharqawi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ameen Salih

    Ameen Salih Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ebrahim Bahar

    Ebrahim Bahar Cast

  5. Photo of Rashed Al-Hassan

    Rashed Al-Hassan Cast

  6. Photo of Mariam Ziman

    Mariam Ziman Cast

  7. Photo of Gahtan Al-Gahtani

    Gahtan Al-Gahtani Cast

  8. Photo of Latifa Mujren

    Latifa Mujren Cast

  9. Photo of Abdulrahman Barakat

    Abdulrahman Barakat Cast

  10. Photo of Toffol Gassim Hadad

    Toffol Gassim Hadad Cast

  11. Photo of Soad Ali

    Soad Ali Cast

  12. Photo of Farah Ali

    Farah Ali Cast

  13. Photo of Anwar Ahmed

    Anwar Ahmed Cast

  14. Photo of Norah Yousif

    Norah Yousif Cast

  15. Photo of Amina Hussain

    Amina Hussain Cast

  16. Photo of Amina Ahmed

    Amina Ahmed Cast

  17. Photo of Julie Tracy

    Julie Tracy Cast

  18. Photo of Sa'ad Al Jazaf

    Sa'ad Al Jazaf Cast

  19. Photo of Mohammed Awad

    Mohammed Awad Cast

  20. Photo of Abdulla Al Sa'adawi

    Abdulla Al Sa'adawi Cast

  21. Photo of Hassan Al-Wawy

    Hassan Al-Wawy Cast

  22. Photo of Abdulla Malik

    Abdulla Malik Cast

  23. Photo of Ebrahim Gloom

    Ebrahim Gloom Cast

  24. Photo of Hassan Abdulkareem

    Hassan Abdulkareem Cinematography

  25. Photo of Hani Shnudah

    Hani Shnudah Music

  26. Photo of Yousif Al Malakh

    Yousif Al Malakh Editing

  27. Photo of Jalila Al-Hariry

    Jalila Al-Hariry Sound

  28. Photo of Younis Al-Kohaje

    Younis Al-Kohaje Sound

  29. Photo of Hassan Ebrahim

    Hassan Ebrahim Sound

  30. Photo of Hassan Fuzea

    Hassan Fuzea Sound

  31. Photo of Anwar Hanafi

    Anwar Hanafi Sound

  32. Photo of Majdi Kamil

    Majdi Kamil Sound

  33. Photo of Kamil Sobhy

    Kamil Sobhy Sound