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  1. Photo of Max Ophüls

    Max Ophüls Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Curt Alexander

    Curt Alexander Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karel Sabina

    Karel Sabina Screenplay

  4. Photo of Max Nadler

    Max Nadler Cast

  5. Photo of Jarmila Novotná

    Jarmila Novotná Cast

  6. Photo of Otto Wernicke

    Otto Wernicke Cast

  7. Photo of Hermann Kner

    Hermann Kner Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Janowska

    Maria Janowska Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Kemp

    Paul Kemp Cast

  10. Photo of Karl Valentin

    Karl Valentin Cast

  11. Photo of Liesl Karlstadt

    Liesl Karlstadt Cast

  12. Photo of Annemarie Sörensen

    Annemarie Sörensen Cast

  13. Photo of Willy Domgraf-Fassbaender

    Willy Domgraf-Fassbaender Cast

  14. Photo of Max Schreck

    Max Schreck Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Appel

    Hans Appel Cast

  16. Photo of Ernst Ziegler

    Ernst Ziegler Cast

  17. Photo of Karl Riedel

    Karl Riedel Cast

  18. Photo of Georg Holl

    Georg Holl Cast

  19. Photo of Richard Ryen

    Richard Ryen Cast

  20. Photo of Lothar Körner

    Lothar Körner Cast

  21. Photo of Lotte Deyers

    Lotte Deyers Cast

  22. Photo of Mary Weiß

    Mary Weiß Cast

  23. Photo of Trude Haefelin

    Trude Haefelin Cast

  24. Photo of Dominik Löscher

    Dominik Löscher Cast

  25. Photo of Thérèse Giehse

    Thérèse Giehse Cast

  26. Photo of Eduard Mathes-Roeckel

    Eduard Mathes-Roeckel Cast

  27. Photo of Max Duffek

    Max Duffek Cast

  28. Photo of Beppo Brem

    Beppo Brem Cast

  29. Photo of Maria Müller

    Maria Müller Cast

  30. Photo of Kurt Horwitz

    Kurt Horwitz Cast

  31. Photo of Franz Koch

    Franz Koch Cinematography

  32. Photo of Reimar Kuntze

    Reimar Kuntze Cinematography

  33. Photo of Erwin Scharf

    Erwin Scharf Production Design

  34. Photo of Hermann Rosenfeld

    Hermann Rosenfeld Producer

  35. Photo of Ludwig Scheer

    Ludwig Scheer Producer

  36. Photo of Paul May

    Paul May Editing

  37. Photo of F.W. Dustmann

    F.W. Dustmann Sound