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  1. Photo of Paulo Halm

    Paulo Halm Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sergio Rezende

    Sergio Rezende Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Euclides da Cunha

    Euclides da Cunha Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cláudia Abreu

    Cláudia Abreu Cast

  5. Photo of Paulo Betti

    Paulo Betti Cast

  6. Photo of Marieta Severo

    Marieta Severo Cast

  7. Photo of Tuca Andrada

    Tuca Andrada Cast

  8. Photo of Camilo Beviláqua

    Camilo Beviláqua Cast

  9. Photo of Roberto Bomtempo

    Roberto Bomtempo Cast

  10. Photo of José de Abreu

    José de Abreu Cast

  11. Photo of Eliezer de Almeida

    Eliezer de Almeida Cast

  12. Photo of Jurandir de Oliveira

    Jurandir de Oliveira Cast

  13. Photo of Lamartine Ferreira

    Lamartine Ferreira Cast

  14. Photo of Murilo Grossi

    Murilo Grossi Cast

  15. Photo of Dandara Guerra

    Dandara Guerra Cast

  16. Photo of José Marinho

    José Marinho Cast

  17. Photo of Selton Mello

    Selton Mello Cast

  18. Photo of Elias Mendonça

    Elias Mendonça Cast

  19. Photo of Ernani Moraes

    Ernani Moraes Cast

  20. Photo of Jorge Neves

    Jorge Neves Cast

  21. Photo of Tonico Pereira

    Tonico Pereira Cast

  22. Photo of Inaldo Santana

    Inaldo Santana Cast

  23. Photo of Dody Só

    Dody Só Cast

  24. Photo of Denise Weinberg

    Denise Weinberg Cast

  25. Photo of Antônio Luiz Mendes

    Antônio Luiz Mendes Cinematography

  26. Photo of Edu Lobo

    Edu Lobo Music

  27. Photo of Henrique Murthe

    Henrique Murthe Production Design

  28. Photo of Mariza Leão

    Mariza Leão Producer

  29. Photo of José Wilker

    José Wilker Producer and Cast

  30. Photo of Mariza Figueiredo

    Mariza Figueiredo Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Isabelle Rathery

    Isabelle Rathery Editing

  32. Photo of Ana Chiarini

    Ana Chiarini Sound

  33. Photo of Marlena Grzaslewicz

    Marlena Grzaslewicz Sound

  34. Photo of George A. Lara

    George A. Lara Sound

  35. Photo of Luiz Adelmo Manzano

    Luiz Adelmo Manzano Sound

  36. Photo of Jacob Ribicoff

    Jacob Ribicoff Sound

  37. Photo of Ira Spiegel

    Ira Spiegel Sound

  38. Photo of Mark A. Van Der Willigen

    Mark A. Van Der Willigen Sound

  39. Photo of Beth Filipecki

    Beth Filipecki Costume Design