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  1. Luca Soldati's rating of the film The Bay

  2. DimasRimbaud's rating of the film The Bay

    Njing, gatel gatel gw nontonnya

  3. PeterK94's rating of the film The Bay

    Knowing nothing about this film, I was instantly disappointed by it being found footage but, I continued watching. At some point I went from bored to captivated. The story manages to walk right to the edge of unbelievability without falling over. Avoids major found footage trappings by focusing broadly on an escalating situation with footage from several sources chronologically presented to convey the story’s scope.

  4. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film The Bay

  5. yasdnil's rating of the film The Bay

    Not totally impressed. The film itself may have been attacked by an isopod, with such a grisly exterior but hollow core. Despite the points the film tries to make concerning the environment, the idea of a widespread infection - especially in a found footage film- has been done. I do appreciate the mixed media found footage, though.

  6. Martin De Martin's rating of the film The Bay

    Ok. Quindici anni dopo The Blair Witch Project? Ancora 'sta roba? Non ci si crede. Il sottotesto eco-friendly non aiuta a risollevare il tutto. A salvare la baracca ci pensano il mestiere di Levinson, un paio di salti sulla poltrona e l'esigua durata (di fatto, per riuscire ad annoiare in soli ottanta minuti bisogna mettercisi di serio impegno).

  7. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film The Bay

    Not bad. The "found footage" style is quite well used here, there are some jumps and grisly moments.and it was engaging enough to keep me up till gone 1am to find out what happened in the end! (And one star isn't so bad when you consider my absoloute faves can only get five!)

  8. mpho3's rating of the film The Bay

    Levinson has successfully eco-terrorized me! While making a traditional docu about actual environmental crises in the Chesapeake Bay, PBS’s Frontline beat him to it. Shifting gears, he crafted a cautionary tale by melding "found-footage" from 21 cameras and media formats w/ old school creature, atom bomb, and eco-fable plot points of the 1950s-70s. It's not the images that scare but the plausibility. Well done.

  9. Rafael Zen's rating of the film The Bay

    Total fun! The movie is catchy and keeps the mood intense until the end. One of the best found footages I've seen this year. Great make up affects and great acting. :)

  10. Fabio Nosotti's rating of the film The Bay

  11. Zach Franks's rating of the film The Bay

    Easily one of the more effective found footage titles I've ever seen. By this I mean it creeped me the hell out. Further evidence of why I will not go into water unless it's chlorinated to within an inch of its life. In short, this flick is oogy

  12. Siavash Aliparast's rating of the film The Bay

    One of the very few films that manages to do something creepy, poignant and smart with the found-footage style. Perhaps the scariest thing about it is that it's not farfetched from reality at all...this is something that could easily happen in reality.

  13. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Bay

    “The Bay” might be an intriguing experience on visuals, but its phony tone almost never reached satisfactory levels. Review and Rating:

  14. msmichel's rating of the film The Bay

    Levinson becomes a late arrival to the 'Blair Witch', "Paranormal Activity' school of filmmaking and fails epically. Icky and gross yes, scary or thought provoking certainly not. Film falls a lot closer to 'Piranha' then it does to 'Outbreak'. Would be comical if it wasn't so damn earnest.

  15. jimmymarkum's rating of the film The Bay

    Good Morning, Maryland....(Barry!!!!!WTF????)

  16. Leco's rating of the film The Bay

    Low budget/ High entertainment. Don't skip it if you like clever horror movies.

  17. Corriel's rating of the film The Bay

    A very average and surpriseless (nearly boring) movie. The plot is not (too) bad but its rendition is not original at all and not even good.

  18. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film The Bay

    not so bad at all... but it was quite boring & hard to come into it - that totally killed the thrilling part.

  19. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film The Bay

    Il solito ammasso di POV, testimonianze e video a creare un mockumentary che non sa di niente. Per di più la vicenda di fondo è proprio sciapa, potrebbe essere interessante per i risvolti ecologici ma non insiste nemmeno su quelli. Non fa paura, non mette tensione, scivola via senza lasciare nulla. Qualche scena suggestiva che viene ammazzata dalla (non) regia. Proprio una robetta.

  20. Mark's rating of the film The Bay

    A lazy stab at balancing didactic environmentalism and parasitic body horror. It's still effective to some degree, even if it is utterly preposterous.

  21. Mark Garrett's rating of the film The Bay

    A promising start devolves into ridiculous cliché after ridiculous cliché. The premise is barely skirted, and the attention to maintaining the found footage conceit overtakes both horror and entertainment, leaving viewers with a sadistic offing of 6 thousand people without a chuckle, scare, or on-screen adequately-lit death.

  22. Palmat's rating of the film The Bay

    Better than I expected! Actually really good found-footage-horror that manages to come across as quite believable. The acting was good and the direction was excellent. The pacing pf the story was probably the best thing and the movie never outstayed it's welcome. Recommended!

  23. MODERNGRUMBLE's rating of the film The Bay

    One of Levinson's better films: if you view it not as a horror film with the typical beats nor a found footage film with jump scares (thought there are some) but as mockumentary about ecological horrors it is profoundly unsettling and skin crawling- the moment when the cops enter the house and we only hear what happens inside - is one of the more perfect moments in recent horror.

  24. Joseph Sylvers's rating of the film The Bay

    Lovecraftian found footage mosaic, that succeeds in painting a vivid portrait of a town going through an apocalyptic plague. Unique, compelling, and realistic without sacrificing any of its tension or scares. The editing is some of the best of the years.

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