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  1. Photo of Coleman Francis

    Coleman Francis Director, Producer, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of John Cagle

    John Cagle Cinematography

  3. Photo of Tor Johnson

    Tor Johnson Cast

  4. Photo of Ronald Francis

    Ronald Francis Cast

  5. Photo of Larry Aten

    Larry Aten Cast

  6. Photo of Douglas Mellor

    Douglas Mellor Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Cardoza

    Anthony Cardoza Producer, Editing Cast

  8. Photo of Roland Morin

    Roland Morin Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Jim Oliphant

    Jim Oliphant Executive Producer and Cast

  10. Photo of Gene Kauer

    Gene Kauer Music

  11. Photo of Irwin Nafshun

    Irwin Nafshun Music

  12. Photo of Al Remington

    Al Remington Music

  13. Photo of Austin McKinney

    Austin McKinney Editing

  14. Photo of Lee Strosnider

    Lee Strosnider Editing, Cinematography Sound

  15. Photo of Titus Moede

    Titus Moede Sound

  16. Photo of Barbara Francis

    Barbara Francis Cast

  17. Photo of Bing Stafford

    Bing Stafford Cast

  18. Photo of Linda Bielema

    Linda Bielema Cast

  19. Photo of Alan Francis

    Alan Francis Cast