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  1. Photo of Michel Brault

    Michel Brault Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Bernard Gosselin

    Bernard Gosselin Director and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Pierre Perrault

    Pierre Perrault Director

  4. Photo of Jacques Bobet

    Jacques Bobet Producer

  5. Photo of Guy L. Coté

    Guy L. Coté Producer

  6. Photo of Gilles Blais

    Gilles Blais Cinematography

  7. Photo of Alain Dostie

    Alain Dostie Cinematography

  8. Photo of Alexis Tremblay

    Alexis Tremblay Cast

  9. Photo of Aimé Gagnon

    Aimé Gagnon Music

  10. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Gagnon

    Jean-Baptiste Gagnon Music

  11. Photo of Raymond Gagnon

    Raymond Gagnon Music

  12. Photo of Serge Beauchemin

    Serge Beauchemin Sound

  13. Photo of Sidney Pearson

    Sidney Pearson Sound

  14. Photo of Claude Pelletier

    Claude Pelletier Sound

  15. Photo of Co Hoedeman

    Co Hoedeman Animation

  16. Photo of Clorinda Warny

    Clorinda Warny Animation