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  1. Photo of James B. Harris

    James B. Harris Director and Producer

  2. Photo of James Poe

    James Poe Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mark Rascovich

    Mark Rascovich Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sidney Poitier

    Sidney Poitier Cast

  5. Photo of James MacArthur

    James MacArthur Cast

  6. Photo of Martin Balsam

    Martin Balsam Cast

  7. Photo of Wally Cox

    Wally Cox Cast

  8. Photo of Eric Portman

    Eric Portman Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Kane

    Michael Kane Cast

  10. Photo of Colin Maitland

    Colin Maitland Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Tamarin

    Paul Tamarin Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Lieberman

    Frank Lieberman Cast

  13. Photo of James Caffrey

    James Caffrey Cast

  14. Photo of Burnell Tucker

    Burnell Tucker Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Graham

    Michael Graham Cast

  16. Photo of Bill Edwards

    Bill Edwards Cast

  17. Photo of Stephen von Schreiber

    Stephen von Schreiber Cast

  18. Photo of Ronald Rubin

    Ronald Rubin Cast

  19. Photo of Eugene Leonard

    Eugene Leonard Cast

  20. Photo of Gary Cockrell

    Gary Cockrell Cast

  21. Photo of Roy Stephens

    Roy Stephens Cast

  22. Photo of George Roubicek

    George Roubicek Cast

  23. Photo of John McCarthy

    John McCarthy Cast

  24. Photo of Shane Rimmer

    Shane Rimmer Cast

  25. Photo of Glenn Beck

    Glenn Beck Cast

  26. Photo of Brian Davies

    Brian Davies Cast

  27. Photo of Ed Bishop

    Ed Bishop Cast

  28. Photo of Paul Carson

    Paul Carson Cast

  29. Photo of Laurence Herder

    Laurence Herder Cast

  30. Photo of Phil Brown

    Phil Brown Cast

  31. Photo of Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland Cast

  32. Photo of Warren Stanhope

    Warren Stanhope Cast

  33. Photo of Gilbert Taylor

    Gilbert Taylor Cinematography

  34. Photo of Gerard Schurmann

    Gerard Schurmann Music

  35. Photo of Arthur Lawson

    Arthur Lawson Production Design

  36. Photo of Richard Widmark

    Richard Widmark Producer and Cast

  37. Photo of John Jympson

    John Jympson Editing

  38. Photo of Les Hammond

    Les Hammond Sound

  39. Photo of Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Sound