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  1. Photo of Theodoros Angelopoulos

    Theodoros Angelopoulos Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Dimitris Nollas

    Dimitris Nollas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tonino Guerra

    Tonino Guerra Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni Cast

  5. Photo of Nadia Mourouzi

    Nadia Mourouzi Cast

  6. Photo of Serge Reggiani

    Serge Reggiani Cast

  7. Photo of Jenny Roussea

    Jenny Roussea Cast

  8. Photo of Dinos Iliopoulos

    Dinos Iliopoulos Cast

  9. Photo of Giorgos Arvanitis

    Giorgos Arvanitis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Eleni Karaindrou

    Eleni Karaindrou Music

  11. Photo of Nikos Angelopoulos

    Nikos Angelopoulos Producer and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Giuseppe Colombo

    Giuseppe Colombo Producer

  13. Photo of Enzo Rispoli

    Enzo Rispoli Producer

  14. Photo of Takis Yannopoulos

    Takis Yannopoulos Editing

  15. Photo of Nikos Ahladis

    Nikos Ahladis Sound