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  1. Photo of Philip Saville

    Philip Saville Director

  2. Photo of Denis Norden

    Denis Norden Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Cast

  4. Photo of Joanna Pettet

    Joanna Pettet Cast

  5. Photo of George Sanders

    George Sanders Cast

  6. Photo of Dany Robin

    Dany Robin Cast

  7. Photo of Warren Mitchell

    Warren Mitchell Cast

  8. Photo of John Bird

    John Bird Cast

  9. Photo of William Rushton

    William Rushton Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Fraser

    Bill Fraser Cast

  11. Photo of Maurice Denham

    Maurice Denham Cast

  12. Photo of Wolfe Morris

    Wolfe Morris Cast

  13. Photo of Martita Hunt

    Martita Hunt Cast

  14. Photo of Arnold Diamond

    Arnold Diamond Cast

  15. Photo of Hugh Burden

    Hugh Burden Cast

  16. Photo of George Reynolds

    George Reynolds Cast

  17. Photo of Jan Holden

    Jan Holden Cast

  18. Photo of Mike Lennox

    Mike Lennox Cast

  19. Photo of Arthur Howard

    Arthur Howard Cast

  20. Photo of Clement Freud

    Clement Freud Cast

  21. Photo of Neal Arden

    Neal Arden Cast

  22. Photo of Walter Brown

    Walter Brown Cast

  23. Photo of Suzanne Hunt

    Suzanne Hunt Cast

  24. Photo of Betty Marsden

    Betty Marsden Cast

  25. Photo of John Cleese

    John Cleese Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Jeffrey

    Peter Jeffrey Cast

  27. Photo of Ferdy Mayne

    Ferdy Mayne Cast

  28. Photo of Milton Reid

    Milton Reid Cast

  29. Photo of Alex Thomson

    Alex Thomson Cinematography

  30. Photo of Mischa Spoliansky

    Mischa Spoliansky Music

  31. Photo of Wilfred Shingleton

    Wilfred Shingleton Production Design

  32. Photo of Philip M. Breen

    Philip M. Breen Producer

  33. Photo of Clifford Parkes

    Clifford Parkes Producer

  34. Photo of Kurt Unger

    Kurt Unger Producer

  35. Photo of Peter Tanner

    Peter Tanner Editing