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  1. Photo of Sidney Lumet

    Sidney Lumet Director

  2. Photo of Gore Vidal

    Gore Vidal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edna Ferber

    Edna Ferber Play

  4. Photo of George S. Kaufman

    George S. Kaufman Play

  5. Photo of Charles Drake

    Charles Drake Cast

  6. Photo of Rhonda Fleming

    Rhonda Fleming Cast

  7. Photo of Treva Frazee

    Treva Frazee Cast

  8. Photo of Betty Furness

    Betty Furness Cast

  9. Photo of Peggy Ann Garner

    Peggy Ann Garner Cast

  10. Photo of Don Keefer

    Don Keefer Cast

  11. Photo of Elsa Lanchester

    Elsa Lanchester Cast

  12. Photo of Diana Lynn

    Diana Lynn Cast

  13. Photo of Kathleen Maguire

    Kathleen Maguire Cast

  14. Photo of Victor Moore

    Victor Moore Cast

  15. Photo of Dennis Morgan

    Dennis Morgan Cast

  16. Photo of Nita Talbot

    Nita Talbot Cast

  17. Photo of Mary Ellen Verheyden

    Mary Ellen Verheyden Cast

  18. Photo of Virginia Vincent

    Virginia Vincent Cast

  19. Photo of Jack Weston

    Jack Weston Cast

  20. Photo of Melissa Weston

    Melissa Weston Cast

  21. Photo of David White

    David White Cast

  22. Photo of Elizabeth York

    Elizabeth York Cast

  23. Photo of Felix Jackson

    Felix Jackson Producer