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  1. Photo of Frans Weisz

    Frans Weisz Director

  2. Photo of Jan Blokker

    Jan Blokker Screenplay

  3. Photo of Simon Vestdijk

    Simon Vestdijk Novel

  4. Photo of Gijs Scholten van Aschat

    Gijs Scholten van Aschat Cast

  5. Photo of Renée Soutendijk

    Renée Soutendijk Cast

  6. Photo of Coen Flink

    Coen Flink Cast

  7. Photo of Annet Malherbe

    Annet Malherbe Cast

  8. Photo of Willem Nijholt

    Willem Nijholt Cast

  9. Photo of Wouter Steenbergen

    Wouter Steenbergen Cast

  10. Photo of Marieke Heebink

    Marieke Heebink Cast

  11. Photo of Damien Hope

    Damien Hope Cast

  12. Photo of Marisa Van Eyle

    Marisa Van Eyle Cast

  13. Photo of Jack Wouterse

    Jack Wouterse Cast

  14. Photo of Johan Simons

    Johan Simons Cast

  15. Photo of Evert van der Meulen

    Evert van der Meulen Cast

  16. Photo of Frans de Wit

    Frans de Wit Cast

  17. Photo of Adriaan Adriaanse

    Adriaan Adriaanse Cast

  18. Photo of Goert Giltay

    Goert Giltay Cinematography

  19. Photo of Theo Nijland

    Theo Nijland Music

  20. Photo of René Seegers

    René Seegers Producer

  21. Photo of Ton Ruys

    Ton Ruys Editing