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  1. Photo of James Toback

    James Toback Director, Self Screenplay

  2. Photo of Emma Astner

    Emma Astner Self

  3. Photo of Missy Boyd

    Missy Boyd Self

  4. Photo of Max Brockman

    Max Brockman Self

  5. Photo of Darryl Dawkins

    Darryl Dawkins Self

  6. Photo of Eugene Fodor

    Eugene Fodor Self

  7. Photo of Polly Frost

    Polly Frost Self

  8. Photo of Veronica Geng

    Veronica Geng Self

  9. Photo of Julius Hemphill

    Julius Hemphill Self

  10. Photo of Fred Hess

    Fred Hess Self

  11. Photo of Elaine Kaufman

    Elaine Kaufman Self

  12. Photo of Sheila Kennedy

    Sheila Kennedy Self

  13. Photo of Anne Marie Keyes

    Anne Marie Keyes Self

  14. Photo of Charles Lassiter

    Charles Lassiter Self

  15. Photo of Marcia Oakley

    Marcia Oakley Self

  16. Photo of Jack Richardson

    Jack Richardson Self

  17. Photo of Don Simpson

    Don Simpson Self

  18. Photo of Tony Sirico

    Tony Sirico Self

  19. Photo of José Torres

    José Torres Self

  20. Photo of Barbara Traub

    Barbara Traub Self

  21. Photo of Joseph H. Kanter

    Joseph H. Kanter Self and Producer

  22. Photo of Joseph H. Canter

    Joseph H. Canter Producer

  23. Photo of Emile Savia

    Emile Savia Producer