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  1. Photo of Picha

    Picha Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tony Hendra

    Tony Hendra Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luis Rego

    Luis Rego Cast

  4. Photo of Georges Aminel

    Georges Aminel Cast

  5. Photo of Perrette Pradier

    Perrette Pradier Cast

  6. Photo of Roy Budd

    Roy Budd Music

  7. Photo of Nick Barnard

    Nick Barnard Music

  8. Photo of David McNeil

    David McNeil Music

  9. Photo of Boris Szulzinger

    Boris Szulzinger Producer

  10. Photo of Nicole Garnier

    Nicole Garnier Editing

  11. Photo of Richard King

    Richard King Sound

  12. Photo of Peter Hearn

    Peter Hearn Sound

  13. Photo of Jacky Kretz

    Jacky Kretz Sound

  14. Photo of José Abel

    José Abel Animation

  15. Photo of Alan Ball

    Alan Ball Animation

  16. Photo of Arthur Butten

    Arthur Butten Animation

  17. Photo of Patrick Cohen

    Patrick Cohen Animation

  18. Photo of Guy Faisien

    Guy Faisien Animation

  19. Photo of Bjørn Frank Jensen

    Bjørn Frank Jensen Animation

  20. Photo of Bob Maxfield

    Bob Maxfield Animation

  21. Photo of Vivian Miessen

    Vivian Miessen Animation

  22. Photo of Claude Monfort

    Claude Monfort Animation

  23. Photo of Børge Ring

    Børge Ring Animation

  24. Photo of Jan Sanctorum

    Jan Sanctorum Animation

  25. Photo of Nic Broca

    Nic Broca Animation

  26. Photo of Lawrence Moorcroft

    Lawrence Moorcroft Animation

  27. Photo of Yvon Perru

    Yvon Perru Animation

  28. Photo of Kaj Pindal

    Kaj Pindal Animation

  29. Photo of Bruno Wouters

    Bruno Wouters Animation

  30. Photo of Claude Lambert

    Claude Lambert Animation

  31. Photo of Jean Lemense

    Jean Lemense Animation

  32. Photo of Jean-Jacques Maquaire

    Jean-Jacques Maquaire Animation

  33. Photo of Michel Pisson

    Michel Pisson Animation

  34. Photo of Gabor Szittya

    Gabor Szittya Animation

  35. Photo of Christophe Vallaux

    Christophe Vallaux Animation