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  1. Photo of Tancred Ibsen

    Tancred Ibsen Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Oskar Braaten

    Oskar Braaten Screenplay

  3. Photo of Einar Sissener

    Einar Sissener Cast

  4. Photo of Aase Bye

    Aase Bye Cast

  5. Photo of Agnete Schibsted-Hansson

    Agnete Schibsted-Hansson Cast

  6. Photo of Hjalmar Fries

    Hjalmar Fries Cast

  7. Photo of Hauk Aabel

    Hauk Aabel Cast

  8. Photo of Theodor Berge

    Theodor Berge Cast

  9. Photo of Tore Segelcke

    Tore Segelcke Cast

  10. Photo of Finn Lange

    Finn Lange Cast

  11. Photo of Leif Amble-Næss

    Leif Amble-Næss Cast

  12. Photo of Thorleif Klausen

    Thorleif Klausen Cast

  13. Photo of Johs. Jensen

    Johs. Jensen Cast

  14. Photo of Unni Torkildsen

    Unni Torkildsen Cast

  15. Photo of Signe Ramberg

    Signe Ramberg Cast

  16. Photo of Julie Lampe

    Julie Lampe Cast

  17. Photo of Hilda Fredriksen

    Hilda Fredriksen Cast

  18. Photo of Marie Hedemark

    Marie Hedemark Cast

  19. Photo of Snefrid Aukland

    Snefrid Aukland Cast

  20. Photo of Aagot Didriksen

    Aagot Didriksen Cast

  21. Photo of Gunnar Nilsen-Vig

    Gunnar Nilsen-Vig Cinematography