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  1. Photo of Carlos Diegues

    Carlos Diegues Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Zelito Viana

    Zelito Viana Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Luiz Carlos Barreto

    Luiz Carlos Barreto Producer

  4. Photo of Glauber Rocha

    Glauber Rocha Producer

  5. Photo of Leopoldo Serran

    Leopoldo Serran Screenplay

  6. Photo of Fernando Duarte

    Fernando Duarte Cinematography

  7. Photo of Leonardo Villar

    Leonardo Villar Cast

  8. Photo of Anecy Rocha

    Anecy Rocha Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Pitanga

    Antonio Pitanga Cast

  10. Photo of Joel Barcellos

    Joel Barcellos Cast

  11. Photo of Sérgio Bernardes

    Sérgio Bernardes Cast

  12. Photo of Hugo Carvana

    Hugo Carvana Cast

  13. Photo of Zé Keti

    Zé Keti Music

  14. Photo of Francisco Mignone

    Francisco Mignone Music

  15. Photo of Ernesto Nazareth

    Ernesto Nazareth Music

  16. Photo of Pixinguinha

    Pixinguinha Music

  17. Photo of Heckel Tavares

    Heckel Tavares Music