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  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Big Easy

    Faintly skeevy but not without its goofy charms, like Sparks' 'Music That You Can Dance To' released the same year in '86. It ended very abruptly and generally had the sense that it had been trimmed a little too lean - I actually wanted more exposition! Still, not a bad place to spend a couple of hours of one's time down by the bayou. 2.5 stars.

  2. tealeaves's rating of the film The Big Easy

    I know but I really enjoyed it all the same

  3. Charles Corn's rating of the film The Big Easy

    More dated in theme, style, attitude than movies twice as old, but an exemplar fun, fast and frivolous 80s cop thriller.

  4. Ross's rating of the film The Big Easy

    Police corruption in New Orleans with good performances from all.

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Big Easy

    Although it sometimes feels like a film pinching bits and pieces from many other, better, movies, this gets a huge boost from that patented shit-eating Quaidster grin, Ellen Barkin pairs up perfectly with him, and the supporting cast all do decent work. It also has that heat and groove that I always feel films set in New Orleans should have (rightly or wrongly).

  6. dannyjp1981's rating of the film The Big Easy

    Erm... I liked the music? And the colour scheme was very interesting. But, I found Dennis Quaid's character endlessly irritating and the male posturing wearying. The central relationship is unconvincing at best, rapey at worst, and the story just doesn't grip in the way it should. The film garners momentum when John Goodman's character shows up, but it's largely too little too late.

  7. Boldizsar CR's rating of the film The Big Easy

    really good dirty cop story. loved the music the style and locations. Really good vibe and seems influential. pretty rock n roll and good casting. good times

  8. Steve G.'s rating of the film The Big Easy

    All that cher and not even a verse of If I Could Turn Back Time.

  9. ERIDANKIE's rating of the film The Big Easy

    A bad film. Bizarrely paced and off-kilter. Horrible mix of cliches and trying to be quirky. It was a genuine, nasty surprise to find that the film -- with its wish-washy love story and unlikeable central characters -- was almost universally acclaimed. Wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy, let alone my nearest and dearest. Painted as stylish, but very unremarkable, like visiting a fancy aquarium with no fish.

  10. McOpinionated's rating of the film The Big Easy

    Times change. I found the central sexual relationship really creepy and rapey, and couldn't ignore that discomfort. The evocation of a culture I know little or nothing about was, however, something i could watch with naive pleasure. The plot is fine. It's sort of interesting to decide that, if the film hasn't aged well, that this just reinforces the points about the moral ambiguity around the central male character.

  11. Pedderrs's rating of the film The Big Easy

    I wasn't hugely enamoured with Jim McBride's The Big Easy. The performances are so cartoonish and camp that at times you're not really sure if it's a crime drama or a straight up comedy. Irrespective of how you categorise it, not even the underused talents of John Goodman and Ned Beatty can save a woeful script that fails wholeheartedly at attempting to portray Dennis Quaid as an endearing anti-hero.

  12. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film The Big Easy

    At times smart and sassy but mostly 80s sexist predictable.

  13. chloe's rating of the film The Big Easy

    the plot is a bit fragmented between the love interest story and the cop story. enjoyable nonetheless. does nothing to challenge sexist racist stereotypes so you have to take it for what it is.

  14. Trickstian Shantih's rating of the film The Big Easy

  15. sandracine's rating of the film The Big Easy

    One of the best sex scenes ever. Ellen Barkin is a real siren.

  16. oldfilmsflicker's rating of the film The Big Easy

    perfect photo to represent this film