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  1. Photo of Johnnie To

    Johnnie To Director

  2. Photo of Tsui Hark

    Tsui Hark Director, Cast Producer

  3. Photo of Andrew Kam

    Andrew Kam Director

  4. Photo of Gordon Chan

    Gordon Chan Screenplay

  5. Photo of Waise Lee

    Waise Lee Cast

  6. Photo of Joey Wang

    Joey Wang Cast

  7. Photo of Matthew Wong

    Matthew Wong Cast

  8. Photo of Philip Kwok

    Philip Kwok Cast

  9. Photo of King Wah Lo

    King Wah Lo Cast

  10. Photo of Kong Chu

    Kong Chu Cast

  11. Photo of Yung Sai-Kit

    Yung Sai-Kit Cast

  12. Photo of Mak Tsui-Han

    Mak Tsui-Han Cast

  13. Photo of Ken Boyle

    Ken Boyle Cast

  14. Photo of Roy Cheung

    Roy Cheung Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Lai

    Peter Lai Cast

  16. Photo of Robin Shou

    Robin Shou Cast

  17. Photo of Kirk Wong

    Kirk Wong Cast

  18. Photo of Kwan Gam-ming

    Kwan Gam-ming Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Chow Man-Kin

    Michael Chow Man-Kin Cast

  20. Photo of Chik Kim-Kit

    Chik Kim-Kit Cinematography

  21. Photo of Lo Tayu

    Lo Tayu Music

  22. Photo of Lowell Lo

    Lowell Lo Music

  23. Photo of Doris Tse

    Doris Tse Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Wong Bak-Ming

    Wong Bak-Ming Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Yip Kam-Hung

    Yip Kam-Hung Executive Producer

  26. Photo of David Wu

    David Wu Editing and Music

  27. Photo of Bruce Yu

    Bruce Yu Costume Design