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  1. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Is Ford the prototype for the incorruptible cop that's on a mission for justice and only asks questions with his gun and answers with his fist? The mould is there for Eastwood and Bronson to emulate in the '70s. I was quite moved when he attempted to cry, which looked like he burst a blood vessel in the attempt. It's understandable how classic noir's faded and the detective out for revenge became a popular staple.

  2. Iván Téllez Betancourt's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Tras suicidarse, el policía Tom Duncan deja una carta en la que confiesa haberse dejado sobornar por una banda de gángsters, pero también denuncia la corrupción de altos funcionarios. Cuando el sargento Dave Bannion trata de esclarecer su muerte tropieza con toda clase de obstáculos.

  3. Giulio Base's rating of the film The Big Heat

    One of the best film noir of all time, one of the best works of Fritz Lang: great cinema, wonderful performances, simple at first sight, lights and shadows’ photography that has become legendary.

  4. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film The Big Heat

    3 1/2 stars. Gloria Grahame and Lee Marvin are an emblematic noir team. What makes them typical is that one partner has a conscience and the other doesn’t. Lang understood the history of such relationships.

  5. Haruki's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Lang will continue to stay relevant as long as lies, deceit and corruption reign. This film is about power struggle, social hierarchy and how the innocent are victimized by this rotten world. Lang seems to be focused on stark contrasts and shocking clashes between opposing forces. The use of mirrors, windows and stairs are subtle but effective. The overall structure of this film is beautiful. Back to the basics.

  6. Erfan Almasi's rating of the film The Big Heat

  7. Severus Snape's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Rewatched, "I guess a scar isn't so bad, not if it's only on one side. I can always go through life sideways", Gloria <3

  8. shahimsheikh's rating of the film The Big Heat

    As conservative as it may sound, this is what qualifies as a 'film noir' for me, not just any crime film with an urban backdrop set in the 1940s/50s. Although not as cynical as 'Scarlet Street', it is a film where every action has a consequence. Gloria Grahame's turn from a bimbo trophy wife to a revengeful virago is the perfect antidote to the cliched femme fatale, one I love nonetheless. A paragon of the genre.

  9. The Nebula's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Lead Actor is amazing. Lead character is amazing. Movie is very very good. with Scarlet Street maybe the best of Fritz Lang. Strongly recommend for Film-Noir Lovers.

  10. BB's rating of the film The Big Heat

  11. JoseFelipe's rating of the film The Big Heat

    The Big Heat uma dos mais conhecidos filmes do cinema Noir , dirigido por um dos maiores cineastas Fritz Lang, que também dirigiu Metrópolis obra prima da ficção científica.

  12. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Big Heat

    I'm not sure but I guess this is the first time I really love a Fritz Lang movie. I mean... really, really love. From technical aspects, I was aware it's not as fascinating as his works in Germany. This one left a great impact to me. A typical noir story and somehow Lang was able to make bigger than life. Thanks to his skillful direction, the "man vs the world" story in here succeeds to give me a chill to the bone...

  13. Süreyya Barutçu's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Akıcı bir film noir diyebiliriz. Amerikadaki yozlaşmış polisi konu alan bir başka film. Sitemizdeki puanına ben pek anlam veremedim. Gloria Grahame iyi bir performans çıkarmış. Brando da fena değil. Bu açılardan ikibuçuktan üç veriyorum. Bugün iyi günümdeyim. Bu arada Gloria'nın biyografisini okuyun derim, kadın gerçekten tam bir skandallar kadınıymış, b-ilginize.

  14. mehomehmedbasic's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Fritz Lang, qu'il réalise en Allemagne ou aux Etats-unis, reste Fritz Lang. Pour preuve ce film noir d'une rare violence, ou l'incorruptible policier joué par Glenn Ford perd pied et cède à ses démons après le décès de sa femme (non accidentel je précise). La scène où Lee Marvin ébouillante le visage de Gloria Grahame par pur sadisme restera à jamais culte. Le film noir tient là une de ses plus belle pépite

  15. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film The Big Heat

    THE film NOIR ! An awesome screenplay by Sidney BOEHM (The Tall Men) with a sharp & caustic narration. Have an other coffee ? ==== LE film NOIR ! Un formidable scénario de Sidney BOEHM (Les Implacables) à la narration vive & caustique. Vous reprendrez un peu de café ?

  16. camille demers-lambert's rating of the film The Big Heat

  17. MISS RICHIE's rating of the film The Big Heat

    My anxiety levels after that car bomb went off.

  18. Jawad A.'s rating of the film The Big Heat

    Another masterpiece from Fritz Lang. Breath-taking from beginning to end and manages in 90 mins to stir up all the filth and corruption in the quagmire. Too bad those two rats lieutenants weren't indicted as well, but as in life, only once in a while a predator fall off, yet too many culprits are still stray. The acting is top notch & the masterful cinematography goes like a scalpel. No surplus, just a masterpiece!

  19. HKFanatic's rating of the film The Big Heat

    "The Big Heat" is a film big on mood and atmosphere; even if one did not know it was Fritz Lang behind the camera, there's a coldness and severity to the images and scenario that might read as, yes, teutonic. The pacing is smart as a whip crack, and Lang realizes that brutish men inflicting pain on the women in their sphere will induce a visceral shock in the viewer...and he's not afraid to go there. Top shelf noir.

  20. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film The Big Heat

    Revenge and all the havoc and destruction it reaps is the subject of this fascinating and wholly original Film NoirFord plays a str8 laced cop who refuses to fall in line with the mob controlled police forceHis honor ends up killing several womenand his own fault in this is never clearHe ends up being too str8 lacd to actually enact the revenge he so much desires and it is left up to Gloria Grahame to take care of it

  21. manuelveigas's rating of the film The Big Heat

    7/10 A perfect but conventional detective story. It lacks the classic Langian denouement, where he'll take you in one direction before opening your eyes to a whole new way of looking at the characters and plot. Everything is merely quite good, the acting, cinematography, lighting, etc. And none of the scenes struck me as being among Lang's most iconic, like the finale of M or the murder in Scarlet Street.

  22. Andrea Greco's rating of the film The Big Heat

    ★★★Movie you need to see

  23. Lily Parmenter's rating of the film The Big Heat

    As classic a noir script as I can imagine. Loved it!

  24. VincentVendetta's rating of the film The Big Heat

    When a policeman shoots himself in the head, it's like when an invented crime reveals itself to be true; it's the death of the ideal of law and justice for Fritz Lang. It's an obsessive quest of vengeance that goes down the rabbit hole, that decimates any semblance of joy in life, and kills any hint of innocence he could find in others. A more depressing The Big Sleep, or a predecessor to Year of the Dragon.