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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Aardsy's rating of the film The Big Steal

    Endless shooting and driving.

  2. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Big Steal

    A rather dull by the numbers noir, with the leads not having much to work with. Mitchum and Bendix are noir staples, but seem to be playing caricatures of other more developed characters from better films they were in. Greer seems at times bored and often agitated, possibly fearing career suicide since Mitchum had just served time for a pot bust, which was taboo for the day. 2.5 stars, as the twist ending was ok

  3. Keisuke Kawasaki's rating of the film The Big Steal

    I like this film's somewhat cheerful feelings. Maybe it is not required quality of Noir, but like it anyway. It is nice to see Mitchum and Greer happy together once a while, which we could not see in Out of The Past. Little gem from Siegel.

  4. Dave's rating of the film The Big Steal

    Plays like the lightweight step-sister to Out of the Past. lacks the apprehensiveness that lurks at every turn of Out of the Past, but it never really tries to match such foreboding. This is more of a comedy-noir (if such a category exists), with the twists, turns and double-crosses of the best noirs being done almost tongue-in-cheek and with a sly grin.

  5. SALESK's rating of the film The Big Steal

    Completely nonsensical but a hell of a good time. Sharp, screwball dialogue and Hughes' signature combo of broads, brawls & booze. Good to see Mitch and Greer re-united. Delightful work from Ramon Navarro. A nice, scenic tour of post-war Mexico with less racism than you'd imagine.

  6. this uncharming man's rating of the film The Big Steal

    A boring, droll, by the numbers movie that I'm shocked Mitchum was attached to. Not the kind of film you want to show to people who say that all old movies are boring and dumb. The 1940's equivalent of today's mindless, idiotic action/romantic comedies.