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  1. Photo of Antonio Rezza

    Antonio Rezza Director, Cast, Producer, Production Design, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Geraldine Vitullo

    Geraldine Vitullo Cast

  3. Photo of Chiara Cavalli

    Chiara Cavalli Cast

  4. Photo of Maurizio Catania

    Maurizio Catania Cast

  5. Photo of Giuseppe Piga

    Giuseppe Piga Cast

  6. Photo of Paolo Moglia

    Paolo Moglia Cast

  7. Photo of Armando Novara

    Armando Novara Cast

  8. Photo of Davide Sbrolli

    Davide Sbrolli Cast

  9. Photo of Fiore Leveque

    Fiore Leveque Cast

  10. Photo of Marianeve Leveque

    Marianeve Leveque Cast

  11. Photo of Massimiliano Leveque

    Massimiliano Leveque Cast

  12. Photo of Alberto Canu

    Alberto Canu Cast

  13. Photo of Toto Novara

    Toto Novara Cast

  14. Photo of Raffaela Fantaccione

    Raffaela Fantaccione Cast

  15. Photo of Domenico "Tecnociccio" Vitucci

    Domenico "Tecnociccio" Vitucci Cast

  16. Photo of Federico Carra

    Federico Carra Cast

  17. Photo of Luca Vannini e con Lavinia Novara

    Luca Vannini e con Lavinia Novara Cast

  18. Photo of Catia Pietrucci

    Catia Pietrucci Cast

  19. Photo of Luigi Crescenzi

    Luigi Crescenzi Cast

  20. Photo of Pino Pollastrini

    Pino Pollastrini Cast

  21. Photo of Carla Mascellaro

    Carla Mascellaro Cast

  22. Photo of Rosaria D’Amico

    Rosaria D’Amico Cast

  23. Photo of Armando Pollastrini

    Armando Pollastrini Cast

  24. Photo of Tonj Giacomello

    Tonj Giacomello Cast

  25. Photo of Boris Morville

    Boris Morville Cast

  26. Photo of Flavia Mastrella

    Flavia Mastrella Editing, Production Design, Costume Design, Director, Producer, Screenplay, Cinematography, Cast