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  1. Sin título.'s rating of the film The Birds

  2. Trevor Tillman's rating of the film The Birds

    Unrelentingly macabre in the depths into which it sinks. So much so for 1963, that I imagine Hitchcock felt emboldened hot off of Psycho's success. Like his other major works, it's as encoded and unreal as a dream, lending itself to the notion that we're really seeing Ms. Daniels' idle fantasy. Appropriate that the spectacle is conjured by anxiety, both maternal and filial, around leaving the nest.

  3. Adam GR's rating of the film The Birds

    Iconic mod aesthetic. Hitchcockian treachery swoops in from the idyllic Californian coast. It starts so forebodingly harmless in a bird shop with romance in the air. A survivor's trek begins. What's Tippi Hendren to do? A mean ending.

  4. myshelovka's rating of the film The Birds

    8 year old me is still absolutely terrified of this

  5. Jason's rating of the film The Birds

    The berserk masterpiece to supplant them all. Psychosexual. Cosmic. (Precisely the two together.) If you watch THE BIRDS on LSD you will not fail to recognize the birds themselves as the gatekeepers at the precipice.

  6. ginobartolomi's rating of the film The Birds

    more terrifying than psycho, in my opinion. it's genius to take something so mundane as birds, something we see on a daily basis, and make them so sinister.

  7. The Tsundokuist's rating of the film The Birds

    One of the more ridiculous films to come out of Hollywood. “The Birds” is an unapologetically bizarre 1960s sci-fi with a “Murder She Wrote” aesthetic. Hitchcock’s touch is present throughout though and scenes involving guls at a children’s party and crows at a school demonstrate Hitch's unique and particular genius.

  8. Aulia Indry's rating of the film The Birds

    i like the movie. as easy as it says. Since I do not know the meaning of semiotics given by Hitchcock, it's too much and too hard for me to digest.

  9. Danu Labda's rating of the film The Birds

    I starting to wonder why ppl said that The Birds is Hitchcock's strongest film, it is probably my least favorite of his film.

  10. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Birds

    The best "when animals attack" horror movie. Tippi Hedren show why sometimes the mother outshines their daughter and Suzanne Pleshette is gorgeous as "the teacher you wish you had in school but never saw". Some dated effects will provide a laugh on teenagers that don't know better and think computers have exited since the beginning of time but I find them effective in a way CGI never can be.

  11. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film The Birds

    Obviously a landmark of the thriller genre and a worthy part of Hitchcock's body of work. However, in this post-"Birdemic" world it does not hold up too well partly because of its un-Hitchcockian reliance on special effects and because of mixed messaging the film itself is attempting.

  12. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film The Birds

  13. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film The Birds

    I was maybe about 14 years old when I first saw Hitchcock's(versus Vertigo's psychedelia)hypnagogic (just listen to the silence) thriller masterpiece and my world and perception of cinema were rocked by some online thinkpiece that*suggested*a parallel between the bird attacks and Lydia's doubt, shame,fear,jealousy and repressed wishes. A perfect film then, now and forever,that gripped me and will never let go.[cont.]

  14. Luke Lomeli's rating of the film The Birds

  15. tri ...'s rating of the film The Birds

  16. DaraDON's rating of the film The Birds

    It hasn't aged well although its wrinkles can sometimes be quite interesting, making for a less dull post mortem.

  17. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Birds

  18. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film The Birds

    Occasionally beautiful. Consistently dull.

  19. FISCHER's rating of the film The Birds

    >>> Un incontestable chef-d'oeuvre du grand maître britannique qui réussit la gageure d'adapter la courte nouvelle de la toujours séduisante Daphné Du Maurier avec un étonnant sens du suspense, de l'angoisse et de l'étrange...

  20. Diogo Moreira's rating of the film The Birds

    There is no motor driving it, no music to tether it, and nothing to hold it aloft apart from that up-draft of sensual atmosphere and existential dread. Hitchcock reportedly worried at length over how to wrap things up. He eventually ditched the scripted final scene in favour of a non-resolution, an open ending, although I would have liked better a more consistent ending.

  21. flalorm's rating of the film The Birds

  22. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film The Birds

    i love the scene when melanie go to cathy school, it's so terrific suspenseful. just heard the thousand angry birds and i so disturbing. it turns out, the bird can be a terrible thing.

  23. Freakyfilm's rating of the film The Birds

  24. Maïna's rating of the film The Birds

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