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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film The Birthday Party

    Atmosphere of claustrophobia and paranoia which is more menacing than many horror movies. Robert Shaw's most remarkable role and Patrick Magee's performance is sinister and strange (the actor at his best, apart from Krapp's Last Tape.) One of the most bizarre plays ever written. Harold Pinter's bitter, cynical satire of the human condition.

  2. güneycan's rating of the film The Birthday Party

    The thrill and the comedy of nonsense in one shot. Good acting with good directing makes you feel trapped in that dirty, shabby house with unstable characters but still, you won't feel like leaving it until the very end - where you learn that nothing but the last line is a serious one.

  3. Illusion Travels By Streetcar's rating of the film The Birthday Party

    "He also was lumped in with the Angry Young Man crowd." "He was lumped in a lot of places and I think it was because no one knew where to put him."

  4. Dohlallytap's rating of the film The Birthday Party

    Short and sharp! Well transposed to film from stage. Good in directing and performances! The audio control is noticeably well done between the rooms of the set. Dandy Nichols is particularly good as the naive and banal chatting, bored housewife/landlady. Her marriage is dead. A remarkable piece of acting, especially at the start, I've known people like her. Typical Pinter, well worth watching!