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  1. Photo of Brian De Palma

    Brian De Palma Director

  2. Photo of Josh Friedman

    Josh Friedman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mia Kirshner

    Mia Kirshner Cast

  4. Photo of Josh Hartnett

    Josh Hartnett Cast

  5. Photo of Aaron Eckhart

    Aaron Eckhart Cast

  6. Photo of Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson Cast

  7. Photo of Hilary Swank

    Hilary Swank Cast

  8. Photo of Jemima Rooper

    Jemima Rooper Cast

  9. Photo of k.d. lang

    k.d. lang Cast

  10. Photo of William Finley

    William Finley Cast

  11. Photo of Vilmos Zsigmond

    Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematography

  12. Photo of Mark Isham

    Mark Isham Music

  13. Photo of Dante Ferretti

    Dante Ferretti Production Design

  14. Photo of Rudy Cohen

    Rudy Cohen Producer

  15. Photo of Moshe Diamant

    Moshe Diamant Producer

  16. Photo of Avi Lerner

    Avi Lerner Producer

  17. Photo of Art Linson

    Art Linson Producer

  18. Photo of Boaz Davidson

    Boaz Davidson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Rolf Deyhle

    Rolf Deyhle Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Danny Dimbort

    Danny Dimbort Executive Producer

  21. Photo of James B. Harris

    James B. Harris Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Henrik Huydts

    Henrik Huydts Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Josef Lautenschlager

    Josef Lautenschlager Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Trevor Short

    Trevor Short Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Andreas Thiesmeyer

    Andreas Thiesmeyer Executive Producer

  26. Photo of John Thompson

    John Thompson Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Bill Pankow

    Bill Pankow Editing