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  1. Photo of Hans Deppe

    Hans Deppe Director

  2. Photo of Kurt Ulrich

    Kurt Ulrich Producer

  3. Photo of Bobby E. Lüthge

    Bobby E. Lüthge Screenplay

  4. Photo of August Neidhart

    August Neidhart Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kurt Schulz

    Kurt Schulz Cinematography

  6. Photo of Paul Hörbiger

    Paul Hörbiger Cast

  7. Photo of Sonja Ziemann

    Sonja Ziemann Cast

  8. Photo of Fritz Kampers

    Fritz Kampers Cast

  9. Photo of Trude Wilke-Rosswog

    Trude Wilke-Rosswog Cast

  10. Photo of Lucie Englisch

    Lucie Englisch Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolf Prack

    Rudolf Prack Cast

  12. Photo of Gretl Schörg

    Gretl Schörg Cast

  13. Photo of Walter Müller

    Walter Müller Cast

  14. Photo of Ernst Waldow

    Ernst Waldow Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Richter

    Hans Richter Cast

  16. Photo of Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann

    Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann Cast

  17. Photo of Kurt Zehe

    Kurt Zehe Cast

  18. Photo of Franz-Otto Krüger

    Franz-Otto Krüger Cast

  19. Photo of Kurt Pratsch-Kauffmann

    Kurt Pratsch-Kauffmann Cast

  20. Photo of Karl Schöpp

    Karl Schöpp Cast

  21. Photo of Margarete Steinborn

    Margarete Steinborn Editing

  22. Photo of Gabriel Pellon

    Gabriel Pellon Production Design

  23. Photo of Leon Jessel

    Leon Jessel Music