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  1. DimasRimbaud's rating of the film The Black Hole

  2. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film The Black Hole

    Disney's first PG-rated sci-fi adventure. Has an interesting plot, which can be okay at times but the last half-hour was really entertaning. That ending was so breathless mindfuck I've seen in any classic live-action Disney film. Though, it was well done and had both a perfect all-star cast & unique score by John Barry. I have to say this is still watchable anyhow. Also heard Edgar Wright loves this film, too.

  3. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film The Black Hole

    If there's any justice at all, the black hole will be your grave!

  4. tractornator2's rating of the film The Black Hole

  5. HKFanatic's rating of the film The Black Hole

    Disney produces a dark science-fiction film with a stellar cast and score by John Barry during the same experimental phase that led to "Tron." What I love most about the film is that it ultimately abandons any sense of logic or science for the sake of cinematic expressionism - our damaged spaceship, careening at the edge of a wormhole, is transformed into a fiery red inferno of collapsing steel and tumbling meteors

  6. Steve's rating of the film The Black Hole

    One of the coolest endings ever! After all these years I still love watching this film for pure nostalgia

  7. C VONHINKEN's rating of the film The Black Hole

    Better than Star Wars in almost every way.

  8. danhofstra's rating of the film The Black Hole

    Have to agree with the other poster here. While I haven't seen it in awhile, I do remember it being very boring and not making too much logical sense. The robots looked terrible. First lesson of a science-fiction film: If you want it to be taken seriously, don't make your robots look like they came out of a cartoon.

  9. David R.'s rating of the film The Black Hole

    You might fill your eye-rolling quota for the month about halfway through, but for all the things it doesn't quite get right, there's a dread and bleakness to this film that's always intrigued me. & hell yes the ending is fantastic (as is Maximillian) (the robot & the beard). While it's notorious for "paying homage" to numerous sci-fi progenitors, I wish more films nowadays would return the favor.