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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Black Pirate

    Douglas Fairbanks, glorious colors, swashbuckling duels, a beautiful damsel in distress. What is not to love with an old-fashioned pirate movie - and this one is still one of the greatest ever made and an excellent silent film. The stunt when Fairbanks split a sail in two is still a great one that every pirate movie ever since seem to copy.

  2. Michael Harbour's rating of the film The Black Pirate

    Swashbuckling, scheming, and maneuvering. All the necessary elements for a rousing pirate adventure. Many of the stunts created in this 1926 movie have been endlessly replicated since; rarely as well. Filmed in early two strip technicolor, this was one of the first color movies and the digitally restored color looks pretty good, giving a sense of what it looked like then. It must have been astonishing.

  3. Roscoe's rating of the film The Black Pirate

    Tasty entertainment, sumptuous production values, and Fairbanks. Enjoy.

  4. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Black Pirate

    Before Jack Sparrow there was Fairbanks. And he pulls off some great swashbuckling fun.