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  1. Photo of Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Director and Production Design

  2. Photo of William S. Burroughs

    William S. Burroughs Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wolfgang Wiens

    Wolfgang Wiens Screenplay

  4. Photo of August Apel

    August Apel Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jan Moritz Steffen

    Jan Moritz Steffen Cast

  6. Photo of Heinz Vossbrink

    Heinz Vossbrink Cast

  7. Photo of Susanne Eisenkolb

    Susanne Eisenkolb Cast

  8. Photo of Jörg Holm

    Jörg Holm Cast

  9. Photo of Monika Tahal

    Monika Tahal Cast

  10. Photo of Soňa Červená

    Soňa Červená Cast

  11. Photo of Dominique Horwitz

    Dominique Horwitz Cast

  12. Photo of Klaus Schreiber

    Klaus Schreiber Cast

  13. Photo of Gerd Kunath

    Gerd Kunath Cast

  14. Photo of Angelika Thomas

    Angelika Thomas Cast

  15. Photo of Annette Paulmann

    Annette Paulmann Cast

  16. Photo of Stefan Kurt

    Stefan Kurt Cast

  17. Photo of Ulfried Feuerstein

    Ulfried Feuerstein Cinematography

  18. Photo of Hans Victor Keppler

    Hans Victor Keppler Cinematography

  19. Photo of Tom Waits

    Tom Waits Music

  20. Photo of Helmut Schlosser

    Helmut Schlosser Editing

  21. Photo of Gerd Bessler

    Gerd Bessler Sound

  22. Photo of Gregor Hornacek

    Gregor Hornacek Sound