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  1. Photo of Román Viñoly Barreto

    Román Viñoly Barreto Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alberto Etchebehere

    Alberto Etchebehere Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fritz Lang

    Fritz Lang Screenplay

  4. Photo of Olga Zubarry

    Olga Zubarry Cast

  5. Photo of Roberto Escalada

    Roberto Escalada Cast

  6. Photo of Nathán Pinzón

    Nathán Pinzón Cast

  7. Photo of Nelly Panizza

    Nelly Panizza Cast

  8. Photo of Georges Rivière

    Georges Rivière Cast

  9. Photo of Pascual Pelliciota

    Pascual Pelliciota Cast

  10. Photo of Mariano Vidal Molina

    Mariano Vidal Molina Cast

  11. Photo of Enrique Fava

    Enrique Fava Cast

  12. Photo of Alberto Barcel

    Alberto Barcel Cast

  13. Photo of Amalia Britos

    Amalia Britos Cast

  14. Photo of Víctor Martucci

    Víctor Martucci Cast

  15. Photo of Natán Solans

    Natán Solans Cast

  16. Photo of Aníbal González Paz

    Aníbal González Paz Cinematography

  17. Photo of Juan Ehlert

    Juan Ehlert Music

  18. Photo of Jorge Beghé

    Jorge Beghé Production Design

  19. Photo of Jorge Gárate

    Jorge Gárate Editing

  20. Photo of Higinio Vecchione

    Higinio Vecchione Editing