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  1. Photo of Don Siegel

    Don Siegel Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Leigh Vance

    Leigh Vance Screenplay

  3. Photo of Clive Egleton

    Clive Egleton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Caine

    Michael Caine Cast

  5. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  6. Photo of Delphine Seyrig

    Delphine Seyrig Cast

  7. Photo of Clive Revill

    Clive Revill Cast

  8. Photo of John Vernon

    John Vernon Cast

  9. Photo of Joss Ackland

    Joss Ackland Cast

  10. Photo of Janet Suzman

    Janet Suzman Cast

  11. Photo of Catherine Schell

    Catherine Schell Cast

  12. Photo of Joseph O'Conor

    Joseph O'Conor Cast

  13. Photo of Denis Quilley

    Denis Quilley Cast

  14. Photo of Derek Newark

    Derek Newark Cast

  15. Photo of Edward Hardwicke

    Edward Hardwicke Cast

  16. Photo of Maureen Pryor

    Maureen Pryor Cast

  17. Photo of Joyce Carey

    Joyce Carey Cast

  18. Photo of Hermione Baddeley

    Hermione Baddeley Cast

  19. Photo of Molly Urquhart

    Molly Urquhart Cast

  20. Photo of Ousama Rawi

    Ousama Rawi Cinematography

  21. Photo of Roy Budd

    Roy Budd Music

  22. Photo of Richard D. Zanuck

    Richard D. Zanuck Executive Producer

  23. Photo of David Brown

    David Brown Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Antony Gibbs

    Antony Gibbs Editing

  25. Photo of Anthony Mendleson

    Anthony Mendleson Costume Design