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  1. Photo of Kazuo Mori

    Kazuo Mori Director

  2. Photo of Shintarô Katsu

    Shintarô Katsu Cast

  3. Photo of Tamao Nakamura

    Tamao Nakamura Cast

  4. Photo of Mieko Kondô

    Mieko Kondô Cast

  5. Photo of Matasaburo Niwa

    Matasaburo Niwa Cast

  6. Photo of Jôji Tsurumi

    Jôji Tsurumi Cast

  7. Photo of Mayumi Kurata

    Mayumi Kurata Cast

  8. Photo of Tôru Abe

    Tôru Abe Cast

  9. Photo of Fujio Suga

    Fujio Suga Cast

  10. Photo of Ichirô Izawa

    Ichirô Izawa Cast

  11. Photo of Shinobu Araki

    Shinobu Araki Cast

  12. Photo of San'emon Arashi

    San'emon Arashi Cast

  13. Photo of Osamu Maruyama

    Osamu Maruyama Cast

  14. Photo of Yôko Wakasugi

    Yôko Wakasugi Cast

  15. Photo of Soichi Aisaka

    Soichi Aisaka Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ichirô Saitô

    Ichirô Saitô Music

  17. Photo of Seiichi Ôta

    Seiichi Ôta Production Design

  18. Photo of Iwao Ôtani

    Iwao Ôtani Sound