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  1. Photo of Gianfranco Clerici

    Gianfranco Clerici Screenplay

  2. Photo of Duccio Tessari

    Duccio Tessari Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Edgar Wallace

    Edgar Wallace Screenplay

  4. Photo of Helmut Berger

    Helmut Berger Cast

  5. Photo of Giancarlo Sbragia

    Giancarlo Sbragia Cast

  6. Photo of Ida Galli

    Ida Galli Cast

  7. Photo of Silvano Tranquilli

    Silvano Tranquilli Cast

  8. Photo of Wendy D'Olive

    Wendy D'Olive Cast

  9. Photo of Günther Stoll

    Günther Stoll Cast

  10. Photo of Carole André

    Carole André Cast

  11. Photo of Anna Zinnemann

    Anna Zinnemann Cast

  12. Photo of Lorella De Luca

    Lorella De Luca Cast

  13. Photo of Stefano Oppedisano

    Stefano Oppedisano Cast

  14. Photo of Dana Ghia

    Dana Ghia Cast

  15. Photo of Wolfgang Preiss

    Wolfgang Preiss Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Shepherd

    Peter Shepherd Cast

  17. Photo of Gabriella D'Olive

    Gabriella D'Olive Cast

  18. Photo of Federica Tessari

    Federica Tessari Cast

  19. Photo of Francesco D'Adda

    Francesco D'Adda Cast

  20. Photo of Antonio Anelli

    Antonio Anelli Cast

  21. Photo of Aristide Caporale

    Aristide Caporale Cast

  22. Photo of Pietro Ceccarelli

    Pietro Ceccarelli Cast

  23. Photo of Giuseppe Marrocco

    Giuseppe Marrocco Cast

  24. Photo of Carlo Carlini

    Carlo Carlini Cinematography

  25. Photo of Gianni Ferrio

    Gianni Ferrio Music