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  1. Photo of Ching Doe

    Ching Doe Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Linda Lin Dai

    Linda Lin Dai Cast

  3. Photo of Kwan San

    Kwan San Cast

  4. Photo of Pat Ting Hung

    Pat Ting Hung Cast

  5. Photo of Kwong Chiu Cheung

    Kwong Chiu Cheung Cast

  6. Photo of Ching Miao

    Ching Miao Cast

  7. Photo of Han Chin

    Han Chin Cast

  8. Photo of Carrie Ku Mei

    Carrie Ku Mei Cast

  9. Photo of Kao Pao-Shu

    Kao Pao-Shu Cast

  10. Photo of Tadashi Nishimoto

    Tadashi Nishimoto Cinematography

  11. Photo of Eddie Wang

    Eddie Wang Music

  12. Photo of Wang Fu-ling

    Wang Fu-ling Music

  13. Photo of Run Run Shaw

    Run Run Shaw Producer

  14. Photo of Chiang Hsing-lung

    Chiang Hsing-lung Editing