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  1. Photo of Thierry Binisti

    Thierry Binisti Director

  2. Photo of Jean-Loup Dabadie

    Jean-Loup Dabadie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Pinoteau

    Claude Pinoteau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Danièle Thompson

    Danièle Thompson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Régine Deforges

    Régine Deforges Novel

  6. Photo of Ilya Claisse

    Ilya Claisse Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Christian Charret

    Christian Charret Producer

  8. Photo of Sandra d'Aboville

    Sandra d'Aboville Producer

  9. Photo of Michel Legrand

    Michel Legrand Music

  10. Photo of Dominique Bouilleret

    Dominique Bouilleret Cinematography

  11. Photo of Jean-Paul Husson

    Jean-Paul Husson Editing

  12. Photo of Jean-Pierre Clech

    Jean-Pierre Clech Production Design

  13. Photo of Valérie Adda

    Valérie Adda Costume Design

  14. Photo of Rolly Belhassen

    Rolly Belhassen Sound

  15. Photo of Laetitia Casta

    Laetitia Casta Cast

  16. Photo of Georges Corraface

    Georges Corraface Cast

  17. Photo of Virgile Bayle

    Virgile Bayle Cast

  18. Photo of Silvia De Santis

    Silvia De Santis Cast

  19. Photo of François Marthouret

    François Marthouret Cast

  20. Photo of Jean-Claude Brialy

    Jean-Claude Brialy Cast

  21. Photo of Nathalie Boutefeu

    Nathalie Boutefeu Cast

  22. Photo of Stéphane Audran

    Stéphane Audran Cast

  23. Photo of Pierre-Loup Rajot

    Pierre-Loup Rajot Cast

  24. Photo of Jacques Spiesser

    Jacques Spiesser Cast