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  1. Photo of Walter Lang

    Walter Lang Director

  2. Photo of Ernest Pascal

    Ernest Pascal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Walter Bullock

    Walter Bullock Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maurice Maeterlinck

    Maurice Maeterlinck Play

  5. Photo of Shirley Temple

    Shirley Temple Cast

  6. Photo of Spring Byington

    Spring Byington Cast

  7. Photo of Nigel Bruce

    Nigel Bruce Cast

  8. Photo of Gale Sondergaard

    Gale Sondergaard Cast

  9. Photo of Eddie Collins

    Eddie Collins Cast

  10. Photo of Sybil Jason

    Sybil Jason Cast

  11. Photo of Jessie Ralph

    Jessie Ralph Cast

  12. Photo of Helen Ericson

    Helen Ericson Cast

  13. Photo of Johnny Russell

    Johnny Russell Cast

  14. Photo of Laura Hope Crews

    Laura Hope Crews Cast

  15. Photo of Russell Hicks

    Russell Hicks Cast

  16. Photo of Cecilia Loftus

    Cecilia Loftus Cast

  17. Photo of Al Shean

    Al Shean Cast

  18. Photo of Leona Roberts

    Leona Roberts Cast

  19. Photo of Gene Reynolds

    Gene Reynolds Cast

  20. Photo of Stanley Andrews

    Stanley Andrews Cast

  21. Photo of Frank Dawson

    Frank Dawson Cast

  22. Photo of Sterling Holloway

    Sterling Holloway Cast

  23. Photo of Thurston Hall

    Thurston Hall Cast

  24. Photo of Edwin Maxwell

    Edwin Maxwell Cast

  25. Photo of Herbert Evans

    Herbert Evans Cast

  26. Photo of Brandon Hurst

    Brandon Hurst Cast

  27. Photo of Keith Hitchcock

    Keith Hitchcock Cast

  28. Photo of Billy Cook

    Billy Cook Cast

  29. Photo of Scotty Beckett

    Scotty Beckett Cast

  30. Photo of Juanita Quigley

    Juanita Quigley Cast

  31. Photo of Payne B. Johnson

    Payne B. Johnson Cast

  32. Photo of Ann E. Todd

    Ann E. Todd Cast

  33. Photo of Arthur C. Miller

    Arthur C. Miller Cinematography

  34. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  35. Photo of Richard Day

    Richard Day Production Design

  36. Photo of Wiard Ihnen

    Wiard Ihnen Production Design

  37. Photo of Thomas Little

    Thomas Little Production Design

  38. Photo of Gene Markey

    Gene Markey Producer

  39. Photo of Darryl F. Zanuck

    Darryl F. Zanuck Producer

  40. Photo of Robert Bischoff

    Robert Bischoff Editing

  41. Photo of Roger Heman Sr.

    Roger Heman Sr. Sound

  42. Photo of E. Clayton Ward

    E. Clayton Ward Sound

  43. Photo of Gwen Wakeling

    Gwen Wakeling Costume Design

  44. Photo of Fred Sersen

    Fred Sersen Special Effects