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  1. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    Some great cinematography and a beautiful ending, but otherwise a bit of a fluff film. Good message though! And i'm sure it helped some kids deal with their unfortunate existence back in 1918.

  2. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    2-3. Oooh; I REALLY want to like this film more than I do for its evocative nature and striking beauty. But there are a few things that kind of take the shine off of it. For one, the conflict with the cat basically goes nowhere. For another, the film runs past the end of the characters' arc and into a cul-de-sac about future children trying to rush the gates of time, followed by a ham-fisted declaration of theme.

  3. francisca bacon's rating of the film The Blue Bird

  4. msmichel's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    2005 restoration The innovative photographic effects are the main reason to watch this silent version of 'The Blue Bird' which would become popularized over 20 years later with a Shirley Temple version. One story quibble; why exactly did they have so many deceased siblings??

  5. lostlevel's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    It seems to be an odd moral tale, perhaps with a now historical agenda I don't agree with. It was still interesting to watch visually impressive but could I explain why any of it was happening...?

  6. suede's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    Imagine a mixture of elements from a children's "L'inferno" (1911) and "The Wizard of Oz" (1939). Unfortunately, this is most heavy-handedly and cheesily sentimental. (Let's be innocent like children and find the bluebird of happiness in our hearts.) And what starts off beautifully as a dream in a cottage soon becomes a tedious series of ultra-literal anthropomorphisms. Nonetheless, a classic—maybe nice for children.

  7. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    Yes, some interesting and inventive images, and lovely color, but the film is sentimental claptrap. Great art and literature and music and dance—and engaging popular entertainment—was thick on the ground in 1918, so just because this was early days for the medium doesn't get it a free pass.

  8. hideloveaway's rating of the film The Blue Bird

  9. Clay_Carter's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    Oops. I feel asleep during this one. I have yet to enter the phase of my life in which I take great interest in old, silent films, and this one is old, real old, almost a hundred years! It's incredible to think of its age. What comes to mind when watching silents is how dead everyone I see this moment. The actors are dead. The cat and dog are dead. The cameraman is dead. I"d imagine almost everyone involved is dead.

  10. Michelle's rating of the film The Blue Bird

  11. SueRay's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    I fell asleep but Veronica loved it for it's vulgarity! The dead babies and grandparents party was good. "You should be happy you are alive so many babies died back then" -Veronica.

  12. jim in austin's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    Delightful! I love a good fairy tale. The acting, cinematography and special effects are remarkable for something this early. Too bad about the damage to the print though...

  13. Francisco Luna, Jr.'s rating of the film The Blue Bird

    Because I haven't a high definition projector nor a big enough high resolution monitor it was un-watchably blurry. Except a piano excerpt; music was unpleasant. I was accidentally tapping 'want to watch' (I'm not certain I was reading that correctly) button. I removed it from that list.

  14. Dodd Alley's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    I remember seeing the 70's version of "The Blue Bird" on The Disney Channel. The story in this silent adaptation is similar, but the visual result is so much better. Silent films such as this should be more appreciated. The attention to expressiveness and surreal set pieces is really something else. Depictions of the fantastical during the silent era like this will never occur again in film history.

  15. El Biffo's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    The Blue Bird showcases silent cinema's greatest strength- the depiction of dream and fantasy sequences. Talkies, color, 3D, no technological achievement has improved on the simple ease with which B+W silents slipped into dream and fantasy.

  16. pitdogG's rating of the film The Blue Bird

    2.5 Stars! WTF!?! This is a beautiful film that added to the language of the cinema. Watch it and enjoy.