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  1. Photo of Ilya Trauberg

    Ilya Trauberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leonid Iyerikhonov

    Leonid Iyerikhonov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergei Tretyakov

    Sergei Tretyakov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Boris Khrennikov

    Boris Khrennikov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Georges C. Stilly

    Georges C. Stilly Cinematography

  6. Photo of Sergei Minin

    Sergei Minin Cast

  7. Photo of Igor Chernyak

    Igor Chernyak Cast

  8. Photo of I. Arbenin

    I. Arbenin Cast

  9. Photo of Yakov Gudkin

    Yakov Gudkin Cast

  10. Photo of I. Savelyev

    I. Savelyev Cast

  11. Photo of San Bo Yan

    San Bo Yan Cast

  12. Photo of Lian Din Do

    Lian Din Do Cast

  13. Photo of Chu Chai Wan

    Chu Chai Wan Cast

  14. Photo of Chzan Kai

    Chzan Kai Cast

  15. Photo of A. Vardul

    A. Vardul Cast

  16. Photo of Boris Dubrovsky-Eshke

    Boris Dubrovsky-Eshke Production Design

  17. Photo of Moisei Levin

    Moisei Levin Production Design