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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Viginti_tres's rating of the film The Bomb

    tswift watch out. this is the biggest music video of 2016. civilisation, look what you've made us do. the content is good. the construction is compelling, but at an hour this is all wrong. it needed to be ten minutes or two hours, an abstract vision or an actual documentary. this is nothing. though i should have guessed that from the lack of capitals in the title. this is documentary lower case.

  2. Aaron Fooshée's rating of the film The Bomb

    Stanley Donwood's graphic treatments are looking a bit dated and "extra", but overall compelling stuff. The Acid does a decent soundtrack. Overall, quite similar to Naqoyqatsi.

  3. Ieva Šukytė's rating of the film The Bomb

    Hearing it with live music at Berlinale was fantastic!