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  1. Photo of Harold Becker

    Harold Becker Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of John Daly

    John Daly Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Derek Gibson

    Derek Gibson Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Darryl Poniscan

    Darryl Poniscan Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Julia Phillips

    Julia Phillips Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Daniel H. Blatt

    Daniel H. Blatt Producer

  7. Photo of Terry Carr

    Terry Carr Producer

  8. Photo of Mel Howard

    Mel Howard Producer

  9. Photo of Thomas J. Mack

    Thomas J. Mack Producer

  10. Photo of Darryl Ponicsan

    Darryl Ponicsan Screenplay

  11. Photo of Benjamin Stein

    Benjamin Stein Screenplay

  12. Photo of Howard Atherton

    Howard Atherton Cinematography

  13. Photo of James Woods

    James Woods Cast

  14. Photo of Sean Young

    Sean Young Cast

  15. Photo of John Kapelos

    John Kapelos Cast

  16. Photo of Steven Hill

    Steven Hill Cast

  17. Photo of Kelle Kerr

    Kelle Kerr Cast

  18. Photo of John Rothman

    John Rothman Cast

  19. Photo of Amanda Blake

    Amanda Blake Cast

  20. Photo of Grace Zabriskie

    Grace Zabriskie Cast

  21. Photo of Maury Winetrobe

    Maury Winetrobe Editing

  22. Photo of Waldemar Kalinowski

    Waldemar Kalinowski Production Design

  23. Photo of Stanley Myers

    Stanley Myers Music

  24. Photo of Susan Becker

    Susan Becker Costume Design